• Popular ARDUINO Boards

    MC-Nove (Arduino-Compatible-Duemilanove 18134121813412), MC-Mega (Arduino-Compatible-Mega, 18134131813413), MC-Nano (Arduino-Compatible-Nano, 18134141813414)MultiComp and CadSodt are members of the Premier-Farnell Group of Companies

    Arduino boards have…

  • Low Cost High CV Ceramic Capacitors from Multicomp


    • A range of High CV MLCC capacitors
    • Case sizes from 0402 to 1812
    • Voltage ratings of 6.3V to 100V DC
    • X5R, Y5V, X7R Dielectrics available




    Why use ceramic chips over Tantalum and Aluminum capacitors?

    High Capacitance ceramic chips offer lower cost, better reliability…