• Popular ARDUINO Boards

    MC-Nove (Arduino-Compatible-Duemilanove 18134121813412), MC-Mega (Arduino-Compatible-Mega, 18134131813413), MC-Nano (Arduino-Compatible-Nano, 18134141813414)MultiComp and CadSodt are members of the Premier-Farnell Group of Companies

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  • Mini HDMI Connectors

    0.4mm pitch, 19 position, mini HDMI Connectors
    Type C connectors, HDMI 1.3 specification
    Solderable nickel plated shell
    Dimensions - 10.5 x 2.5mm (sockets), 10.42 x 2.42mm (plugs)
    Description Manufacturers#
    SOCKET, MINI HDMI, SMT 60U019S-342N-B1-FEC 60U019S…