• ERJP E96 - Please help

    I heard Panasonic SMD high power/surge proof resistors E96 values are now available at Farnell?”

    How to do? Please help!

  • Polmyer Capacitors from Panasonic

    Dear All,

    I have a question regarding Polymer Capacitors;

    What are the failure modes? What is the FIT rates of these types of capacitors, compared to ceramics?

  • Your Questions about PAN17xx Series - Bluetooth Smart Module

    If you have any questions about PAN17xx Series just write here.

    This Bluetooth Smart Series covers...

  • Panasonic 1W/2W ESD protection diode in small packages

    Panasonic is now offering 1 W and 2 W power rating ESD protection diodes in its 2-lead Small packages SOD123W and SOD128

    - industry-top-class small pacakges.


    These series are new developed small surface mount package ESD protection diode series which power…

  • Panasonic Power Mount CSP MOS FET, Application Note ready

    Panasonic Power Mountr CSP MOS FET


    Now the application note is ready.



    Please visit the following page for the products.



  • Panasonic Power Mount CSP MOS FET

    New Power CSP (PMCP) MOSFET
    High thermal yet the smallest size utilizing new package technology

    Panasonic Semiconductor has developed the New Power CSP MOSFET


    This MOSFET family is optimized for load switches that combine low RDS(on) in a smaller form factor…


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