• Panasonic Power Mount CSP MOS FET, Application Note ready

    Panasonic Power Mountr CSP MOS FET


    Now the application note is ready.



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  • Panasonic Smaller and High Power CSP Schottky Barrier Diode

    Pansonic has launched Industry Smallest  (*1) CSP type Schottky Barrier Diodes

    with key characteristics, such as Ultra Small Packaging, High Power and High Heat Dissipation, and Higher Efficiency

    with less Voltage Loss, suitable for Power Circuits in Mobile…

  • Panasonic Power Mount CSP MOS FET

    New Power CSP (PMCP) MOSFET
    High thermal yet the smallest size utilizing new package technology

    Panasonic Semiconductor has developed the New Power CSP MOSFET


    This MOSFET family is optimized for load switches that combine low RDS(on) in a smaller form factor…