• PAN1740 Series - Revolutionizing Bluetooth Smart with a 4.9 mA Current Consumption in Tx or Rx!

    A revolution is underway in Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) to dramatically shrink power budgets for battery powered applications. Panasonic’s “nanopower” family of 2nd generation Bluetooth Smart modules reduces transmit and receive current consumption…

  • Inspire, invent, play - Winners Chosen

    Under the slogan "Inspire, invent, play" Farnell element14 and Panasonic Industrial offered a competition to win a LEGO Mindstorm.


    Our competition closed with over 75 entries coming from the UK and Germany. Many of the participants had already…


    Participate in the joint competition of Farnell element14 and Panasonic Industrial...

    ...simply tell us what you would do if you owned a Panasonic Classic Bluetooth Module!


    UK: http://uk.farnell.com/panasonic-lego-mindstorms

    Germany: http://de.farnell.com…

  • PAN17xx Series nBlue Documentation Update

    PAN17xx Series P/N: ENW89820AxKF / ENW89835xxKF


    New version of AT Command Set documentation (rev 3.3b) is available now. Changes have been made as following:

    • Added new Lowering Power Consumption section that details sleep mode and provides ways to lower…
  • TI PAN13xx Series Documentation Update

    TI PAN13xx Series P/N: ENW89829x2KF / ENW89823x2KF / ENW89827x2KF / ENW89842A2KF


    New version of data sheet (rev 3.71) is available now. Changes have been made as following:    

    Added component values for low pass filter on PCM interface.

    More information…

  • PAN17xx Series Documentation Update

    PAN17xx Series Bluetoothv4.0 featuring nBlue by BlueRadios Inc.

    P/N: ENW89820AxKF / ENW89835xxKF

  • Your Questions about PAN17xx Series - Bluetooth Smart Module

    If you have any questions about PAN17xx Series just write here.

    This Bluetooth Smart Series covers...