• Polymer Capacitors - Reliable Capacitors For IT

    Information technology infrastructures have a little-known weak link: The capacitors in their power supplies.


    Conventional electrolytic capacitors tend to fail prematurely when their liquid electrolyte dries up‚ which happens in response to elevated temperatures…

  • Come and visit Panasonic at Embedded world 2014!

    Panasonic will be participating "Embedded world 2014 Exhibition and Conference" in Nuremberg, Germany.
    You are more than welcome to come and visit our booth: Hall 4A-200!


    Venue:                    Exhibition Centre Nuremberg

    Date:                       25-27 February, 2014

    Opening times…

  • Technical advantages of Panasonic Polymer Capacitors -2: Stability over frequency

    Panasonic Polymer Capacitors (Hybrid / OS-CON / POSCAP / SP-Cap) have excellent frequency charateristics.


    Hybrid: Stable ESR and capacitance over frequency, combining advatnages of both aluminium elextrolytic and polymer technologies.



    OS-CON: Excellent…

  • Technical advantages of Panasonic Polymer Capacitors -1: Stability over temperature

    Panasonic polymer capacitors (Hybrid / OS-CON / POSCAP / SP-Cap) have excellent temperature characteristics.


    Hybrid: stable ESR value over temperature, even within low temperature range!




    OS-CON: stable ESR and capacitance value over temperature v.s. other…

  • Panasonic Polymer Capacitor Simulation Tool available on our Homepage

    Interested in Panasonic polymer capacitor technologies?

    Would like to know i.e. frequency characteristics of impedance and ESR for SP-Cap / OS-CON / POSCAP?

    Prefer easier and quicker data by only 2 to 3 clicks?


    Try out our newly published simulation tool…

  • We have answer for YOU -Welcome to our Webinar on 4th December 16:00

    If you have question(s) about polymer capacitor technology, it's a GOOD opportunity for you to communicate directly with our polymer cap expert online on 4th Decemeber.

    Here I just pre-selected some frequently asked questions>>


    Q1: What's the…

  • Panasonic Polymer Capacitors  - Speed up your Design! Come and Join our Webinar on 4th December!

    We are delighted to invite you all to our webinar on 4th December to know more about Panasonic polymer capacitor technologies.


    During this Webinar, Let's:

    1. Talk about design challenges every engineer probaly has : high mounting density, space and…

  • POSCAP and OS-CON has joined Panasonic Polymer Capacitor Family!

    Welcome to Panasonic Polymer Capacitor Family!


    With POSCAP and OS-CON's joining, currently Panasonic has four outstanding polymer capacitor technologies to contribute to your design: POSCAP, OS-CON, SP-Cap and Hybrid Cap.


    What's POSCAP and OS-CON?…

  • Polmyer Capacitors from Panasonic

    Dear All,

    I have a question regarding Polymer Capacitors;

    What are the failure modes? What is the FIT rates of these types of capacitors, compared to ceramics?