• How to get STM32F105 into DFU mode?



    I got a custom board and having problem to get F105RCT6 MCU into DFU mode when connected to USB-cable and PC. Is there anyone the have some suggestions that can help me?


    I also tried to get connected using USB to TTL with no success. Then I tried PA9…

  • Réseau Green Net de STmicro

    Voici une info publié par velo_love ici

    Je trouvais l'info interressante alors je la rediffuse.






    juste pour info :

    http://www.st.com/internet/com/press_re ... 64_fra.jsp


    STMicroelectronics crée de nouvelles possibilités de…

  • Discrepancys in STM32F415xx/417xx Datasheet and F4 Brochure



    while evaluating the STM32F417 for one of our upcoming products I started up with the F4 Brochure (ST Document#: A9R19CA; http://www.st.com/internet/com/SALES_AND_MARKETING_RESOURCES/MARKETING_COMMUNICATION/MARKETING_BROCHURE/brstm32f4.pdf). Digging…

  • QFN, MEMS Chips, & Breakout boards

    Hi folks,


    I'm interested in prototyping with some the MEMS accelerometers however they come in the LGA form-factor.  I have no experience with this type of packaging and I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of where to find some cheap breakout…

  • HAL Libraries - Importing and Using

    I'm after some advice on how to do the following, the discussion will likely be useful to others, so I have broken out to this 'fresh area'. Happy to move if there is a more suitable place.


    I'm participating in Sixth Sense Design Chall…

  • STMicro X_NUCLEO library?

    I'm looking for a library for designing STMicro X-NUCLEO boards.


    Is there a library similar to the BeagleBone library available for the X-NUCLEO boards?