• Can I connect a pcb card edge connector to a raspberry pi?

    I am looking to make a Gameboy type device and would like to add a cartridge function to it so I was wondering if I could use a pcb card edge connector for this?

    If not is there anything else I could use?



  • Linux and Python

    Hello Everyone,

    Can anyone recommend some good literature on linux and python?? Thank you.

  • Designing and building an environmental monitoring system.

    Hi there,


    I have been approached to build an "cloud based" environmental monitoring system for a small architecture firm which uploads measurements to a web server. I don't have a huge amount (read basic secondary school) of experience with electronics…

  • State of Wolfson drivers?

    Just wondering if any patches would come out soon for 3.12.x?


    3.10.25 is getting rather old.

  • Raspberry Pi only red LED burn and no screen



    I bought a raspberry pi model b. It work well before. After 3 weeks the Pi stopped working. When I take off the power and start-up the only led that burns is the red one. There is no mouse or keybord activity, there's is even no screen. I reinstalled…

  • New to the pi world

    So I've been scouring the internet for stuff to do with my new pi for about a week now and I've decided that what I need to do is get a small display with no audio, a compact laptop battery, and a compact keyboard. Then proceed to boot  with out…

  • Kernel module to enable



    I'm trying to get pifacecad working on raspbmc.

    I have installed python3-pifacecad from raspbian repositories, but when I try to launch the example script /usr/share/doc/python3-pifacecad/examples/sysinfo.py i'm getting the error "No PiFace Control…

  • Astrophotography With The 8MP Raspberry Pi Cameras

    I will attempt to use the Raspberry Pi 8MP NoIR and standard v2 camera boards for capturing images of the night time sky, and also with specialized filters in the daytime.


    My question for the E14 community,


    Does anyone have experience in this application…

  • Sinking two separate audio sources into default audio/pwm, as separate channels.

    I want to get two mplayer streams (or a stream and a local file) - each already converted to mono L or R or single channel - into the onboard default pwm sound device using mixing, piping, permission forcing, whatever.  Goal being to get the 3.5mm jack…

  • What is the Cirrus Logic device name in the Raspberry PI ?

    After installing the Cirrus Logic Audio Card with the raspian special distribution for realtime kernel there are some tools and scripts for audio management on the Raspberry PI. Then under the /dev there is the /dev/snd folder that includes some components…

  • Raspberry Pi as Ham Radio FM Transmitter

    This is a short demonstration of how NBFM, the Ham radio FM SDR application for Raspberry Pi, works.

    Raspberry Pi is distributed by Element14.



  • Raspberry Pi - IP address using a Rj45 ethernet cable

    I connected my Rasp Pi model B by LAN but seems did not work. It does not pick up a IP address using a Rj45 ethernet cable. Is there any way to solve it?

  • Gaming Kit for the Raspberry Pi?

    Is that ever going to be coming out because I would be really interested and I think others would be to. I remeber Ben Heck saying that he might do it in one video.

  • Who wants some Adafruit?

    Rob Bishop of the Raspberry Pi Foundation embarked on another US hackerspace tour starting with my hackerspace, Pumping Station: One, in Chicago last night:

    In honor of Rob's visit, I've decided to give-away a couple The specified item was not…

  • Root password for Debian Linux

    Debian Linux Raspberry Pi system.  Need to get password for root.  "sudo" works for some things but can't do a "chdir" to look at /etc and other directories.  Tried guessing the root password but haven't hit on it yet.  I realize…

  • Project Byzantium has released a version for the RPi

    Project Byzantium has released a version of thier software package for the RPi.  Its not an ISO but they have a GIT repository and a description of how to impliment it.


    Project Byzantium is a thumbdrive based Linux distribution that will turn most PC's…

  • Sending Commands from PC to Raspberry Pi via USB

    I am currently doing a project with the Raspberry Pi as a controller connected to a PC via USB and using the Pi to send commands to other devices connected via GPIO pins.

    I will be using a host-to-host cable for the usb link between the pi and pc.


  • Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard with the Raspberry Pi

    I am currently in the process of trying to build a interactive whiteboard based on Johnny Chung Lee's idea but I cannot seem to find either an example of python code for it or a software package that will open on my Pi. I also have some experience with…

  • What linux versions can you run on a rasberry pi?

    Hi i was just wondering what versions of linux you can run on a rasberry pi.

  • Why is vi so popular?

    This is a minor point, but my curiosity has been sparked by a number of suggestions to use vi to edit a file.  I remember vi being the hot thing 30 years ago - yes, I've been around that long  . - actually got a TRS 80 mod 1 about thirty four years…

  • Boot problems with RPi (just got one as a gift)

    My wife recently bought me a Raspberry Pi as a gift. She bought me the whole kit with the board, keyboard, mouse, power supply, HDMI cable, USB hub, enclosure, and the SD card pre-loaded with Debian Linux. I went to hook it all up and I am getting boot…

  • Help! How can I get Wi-Fi Adapters to Work with Raspberry Pi?

    Hi guys. I am new to Rpi. I am using the Motorola Atrix lapdock solution, and I'm running Raspbian Wheezy on a 512mb pi.


    So, far so good. I recently bought a Medialink Wireless N wifi adapter (MWN-USB300N), but I can't get the Pi to recognize it.…

  • Anyone else compiling Linux Kernel 3.7.y for the Raspberry Pi?

    Though I haven't yet publicly released any of my compiled Linux kernels to the public, I'm planning on retiring from leading-edge Raspberry Pi kernel development mostly due to the time consumption for cross-compiling (on my slow laptop), testing…

  • Anyone interested in Substituting Android Services in Raspberry Pi?

    Hello World!

    And hello to those that don't already know me! Recently, I got the idea of substituting Android services for my Raspberry Pi, such as from one of my recent posts on listening to Police Radio.

    My Idea

    I figure, trying to run Android OS on…

  • How do I permanently disable the swap service?

    My Device: Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi


    Situation: Automatic Force-Restoration of Swap service

    For some unknown reason, Raspbian OS permanently reloads the swap service at every reboot. Here are the steps I have to do after every reboot:

    1. sudo sync
    2. sudo swapoff…