• tutorial for pose estimation with TFlite that can run in raspberry pi


    I need your help I am totally a newbie, I am struggling to run my pose estimation in raspberry pi 4 mode B (bullseye 11)

    what I can encounter is I cant install  tensorflow==2.4.1 abd opencv_python== , I was able to install tensorflow 2.4 but…

  • Audio recording using element14 Cirus Logic (Raspberry pi) and pyaudio

    Hi all,

    First of all I should say that I'm quite new to Rasberry Pi and Python. I'm trying to write a Python script which will record audio using the element14 cirus logic board and pyaudio and then apply some signal processing algorithms. What I can't…

  • Writing Python on a Lap Top.

    Does anyone know of a Python Emulator that will allow me to write code on my Lap Top using Windows 7? I prefer this as I do not want to comandeer the house TV.

  • Using a Membrane Matrix Keypad to operate a lock with Raspberry Pi

    I am very basic with the language of python but I am trying out a project which is an electronic lock.


    But the problem is that I cant seem to work out how to make a program that asks for a four digit number password and when the correct digits are entered…

  • What is the best way to learn Python?

    I have written software in C for embedded processors. Raspberry Pi uses Python, so what is the best way to learn it? What is the best book? What about a web based tutorial?


    C has a standard core and suppliers of compilers add functions. Is Python similar…

  • Python and a synthesiser

    Is there any way to use python with a synthesiser programming on the raspberry pi? Ideally I'd like to use the synthesisers built into sonic pi but this does not seem possible. If it is not possible then is there a basic tone generator I can interface…

  • How to put a sprite on a raspberry pi?

    Dear: Element 14

    Just to let you know I either broke my raspberry pi or sd card. You see I went on raspberry pi homepage to do some research on loading an image onto a raspberry pi to help me figure out how to load an image for my pygame. Then the weirdest…

  • Python web interface tutorial needed.

    I am looking for a good tutorial or set of instructions that will let me make a web interface for a python program.  I have a python program that I use to start a temperature probe, and send the data to a google spreadsheet using gspread.  It would be great…

  • Capturing and processing audio input with Python

    Experienced Python on XP, linux noob here.


    I need a remote audio analyser I can network to. I have been pointed at the Wolfson card to add to my Pi (not really used the Pi properly yet, need a project to get stuck into it). Before I buy it, I presume I…

  • Linux and Python

    Hello Everyone,

    Can anyone recommend some good literature on linux and python?? Thank you.

  • Pass data from PHP form to Python Script - Publish Python results to a PHP page

    I am implementing a RPi based Home Automation project where RPi is connected to a Motor Control circuit. The circuit, based on RPi input, drives an AC Motor either Forward or Backwards, so that I can close/open my Window Shades.


    I have implemented the…

  • Raspberry pi camera

    I have got a raspberry pi camera and know the command line code but not how to activate it by using python. I would use this to have when you press a button it take a picture of who pressed the button. Please help!!!

  • PiFace not responding

    hello -


    i have a piface module and have followed the install instructions.  when i run the blink.py test program the cursor does not return and the i have to close the LX window to exit it.  I also can not get it to respond with the emulator.  the emulator…

  • IP over USB Software, Python HTTP Server, Bluetooth



    ich bin auf der Suche nach einer kleinen Hardware, die IP over USB unterstützt, Bluetooth an Bord hat und Python Code interpretieren kann.


    Der Raspberry ist an sich schon sehr klein, aber dennoch vielleicht für den Einsatzzweck zu groß. Falls es…

  • Mikro Pi ADC Reading All Zeros

    I have a Raspberry Pi 2 B with a MikroElektronika Pi Click 3 shield with a Click Force add-on board.  I installed Raspbian Stretch and enabled SPI devices.  The Pi Click 3 shield has a MCP3204 ADC on it and the Click Force add-on board feeds an analog signal…

  • help Tkinter GUI/Raspberry PI/Zelio-PLC

    Hello there. Need your help dan opinion.


    So, I’m building a project that can control Zelio Smart Relay using Raspberry PI 3. And I plan to use Tkinter to make the GUI. What I mean is I want to use Tkinter GUI to interact with Zelio using Rpi 3. It’s kind…

  • GPIO produces square wave//producir onda cuadrada con el gpio


    necesito generar una onda cuadrada simétrica de 10 khz y que pueda ser mas alta en caso de ser necesaria (quiza hasta los 90-100 khz pero no mas)

    el inconveniente es que recién empiezo con el raspberry pi y no manejo python todavía se que el gpio…

  • working on script to to switch between programs depending on if button is down

    hey guys, i am having some trouble with my script.


    the basic idea is that i have a button that locks in at either the up or down position


    i have got a script going that works once but the problem is that once kodi boots my script stops responding





  • Python script behaves differently from command line

    Hi All,


    I'm hoping someone can help shed some light on this issue I'm having.


    I have a Raspberry Pi model B (original Pi 1) that I have set up as a webcam (using Pi Noir), with an added PIR sensor to detect motion.


    The app takes a picture once every…

  • raspberry pi python robotics keyboard commands help

    hello, I've been working on a raspberry pi powered robot I've been trying to write a simple script in python but I have not been able to control the pi from the keyboard

    the last part of the script is what I need help with.

    the script I've been…

  • inhibit buttons whilst running script?

    Hi there I'm trying to use my Raspberry Pi 1B and PiFace to run a little interactive museum exhibition.


    Process is Pi is in standby, Standby.py runs from rc.local Relay 1 is closed as this is the main light in the room,

    Button Press (SW1) initiates…

  • Can Raspberry Pi  run on Python?

    Can Raspberry Pi run on Python?

  • Cirrus Logic - RPI 2 FFT on streaming audio

    Hi everyone,

    My current project is to run constant FFT on an audio stream and output the data to a 3D LED Array. Google 3D LED cubes if you don't know what they are. My cube is more of a rectangular prism, 24x8x8=1536 LED's. I am new to the world of PI…

  • Multilevel Temperature control

    I would like to control oven temperature with a Raspberry Pi.  I have a simple on-off control with deadband working well now.  My challenge is I need to control the oven to different temperatures for different time periods:  ie:  0 to 200F over a period of…

  • Can anyone help?

    Hi guys,


    Can anyone tell me why python3 is not loading, just coming up with the error in my attached photo?

    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


    Kind regards,