• First experience with a Raspberry Pico - Setup toolchain, IDE, debug and FreeRTOS

    I got a set of Raspberry Pico boards. This weekend I've worked on getting a C++ development environment set up, IDE (VSCode) and debugger working, and FreeRTOS running.

    I'm using a Windows 11 laptop.

    First activity was to get the toolchain running…

  • Does the Pi 4 power adapter choice influence analog HAT noise?

     noticed that he got different noise figures when using an analog HAT on a Pi4 - in a road test (look for section Measurement HAT Noise Performance) and here. I originally used a power brick for a Lenovo laptop. But I now have an official Pi 4 power…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Wifi Adapter USB




    I'm new in Raspberry Pi. I bought a USB Wifi adapter, and I can't do it works.

    I plug it on raspberry pi 2, and this detected the new hardware (with command lsusb the adapter appears in the list).

    I checked if the chipset are in the list of compatible…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Switches/Door Contact Switches



    I am new to the Raspberry Pi and I was wondering how I would connect door contact switches (or any kind of switch) to the pins on my Raspberry Pi. I have a Raspberry Pi 2, Model B. The purpose of this so that I could read if the door switches are together…

  • How to set wifi up on the Raspberry Pi 2?

    How to set wifi up on the Raspberry Pi 2?

  • book for raspberry pi

    Can anybody suggest me a good book for raspberry pi that teaches dsp and image processing and Linux+python coding so that i could make professional softwares of my own. I am from a very backward country. No teacher here could help you solve any linux…

  • Use of free GPIO ports

    Are there any free GPIO ports that I can use? If so, which ones?


    What would be the best way to use them? Soldering?



  • Where I can get technical documentation Raspberry Pi 2?

    I can not find technical information of Raspberry Pi 2.


    Working temperature, schematics, etc.



  • 123d on raspberry pi?

    was wondering if i could get 123d on my raspberry pi or if there is any alternative?


  • Raspberry Pi 2 and hard drives

    My 12 yr old son put together this setup with his new Raspberry Pi2.  He is working off his SD card, but he has a 500Gb Hard drive that he is trying to read.  Any tips appreciated.

  • Using a Membrane Matrix Keypad to operate a lock with Raspberry Pi

    I am very basic with the language of python but I am trying out a project which is an electronic lock.


    But the problem is that I cant seem to work out how to make a program that asks for a four digit number password and when the correct digits are entered…

  • What is a good waterproof case for a Raspberry Pi and NoIR PiCam?

    I have built a birdhouse, with a Raspberry Pi and NoIR in it. But I am having issues with sealing it from the elements.

    I had an IR Led light ring that burned out part of circuit. Not sure if it was because of elements.

    Also looking to seal up the PiCam…

  • Can I connect a pcb card edge connector to a raspberry pi?

    I am looking to make a Gameboy type device and would like to add a cartridge function to it so I was wondering if I could use a pcb card edge connector for this?

    If not is there anything else I could use?



  • Has Anyone perhaps done a RFID Race Timing or similar project in the past?

    Has Anyone perhaps done a RFID Race Timing or similar project in the past? If so, will you please share? I am a Race Director for a community totally free timed race, and would like to put together a very inexpensive RFID Race Timing Kit that could be…

  • How to install Scipy on Ragnar's image.



    I have Ragnar's 2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbianW installed on my RPi.

    I want to use Scipy for Real time sound analysis but I fail to install it.

    I tried:

    sudo easy_install scipy    # Installed for about one hour then failed that it cannot import numpy.distutils…

  • problems loading raspberry pi

    I am trying to load the latest Download the Latest Logi-Image and I keep running into this error:


    PANIC: VFS: Unable to mount root fr on unknown-block(179,2)

    Entering kdb (current=0xda850000, pid 1) due to Keyboard Entry



    but I can't type anything…

  • Realtek RTL8192EU ID 0BDA:818B RPI2

    Hey guys,


    So I've been spending a lot of time trying to get this to work and I'm now stuck. This is what I've done so far. I got this from http://sprabhu.blogspot.in/2012_07_01_archive.html#4273048004731121321 and had to modify some of it.

  • cirrus logic audio card/ raspberry pi 2

    I am trying to run the cirrus logic audio card with the raspberry Pi 2 and it seems that there is still problem with kernel, any suggestion?

  • How to address the UART

    I've been using the article by Peter Jan " Low level programming the Raspberry Pi in C". this was very helpful and I was able to get his program working to toggle I/O pins. My interest is to use the UART to produce control for DMX512 Lighting. It should…

  • Raspberry Pi B+ Doesn't Boot

    I recently bough a Raspberry B+

    I Formatted the Micro SD Card On esFat and FAT32, non of them worked!

    I Installed NOOBS and It Doesn't Load it

    The LEDs On the Keyboard and mouse won't light up

    I Used an iPad Charger, Samsung Charger and iPhone Charger…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Not booting

    When I power on the Pi, the HDMI attached monitor shows a screen with shades of various colors and I have no clue where to go from there.  The keyboard is attached to one USB port and the a Wi Pi to another.  Of course the power cable is connected and the…

  • Shipping state says "recieved" after two hours of ordering...what does this mean?

    Shipping state says "recieved" after two hours of ordering...what does this mean?
    I ordered the raspberry pi 2b on Feb 2nd and it went fine but my order part says "recieved" and I have not recieved the product? Unless this means something else…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 and Cirrus Logic Audio Card - Does it work? Mine doesn't...

    Today I received my new Rpi 2 and sound card.


    First I tried to install OpenElec from my windows PC on a SD-card, which worked fine (no use of sound card of course).


    Then I updated it with a .tar from Index of /~hias/tmp/openelec-wolfson


    It just showed a…

  • i2c stop working



    I am trying to solve my problem with i2c on a Raspberry Pi model B.

    I have build myself a little weather station with some sensors connected via i2c.

    It was working flawlessly for 3 months but now it suddenly stopped.


    I made sure the /etc/modprobe…

  • USB NES controller with Raspberry Pii

    I want to know if I can use this modern nes usb controller to control games on my raspberry pie

    Amazon.com: Classic USB NES Controller for PC: Video Games