• Raspberry Pi - Image Processing

    Hi everyone.
    I am actually working on real time image / video processing..?
    What versions / models of Raspberry Pi are suitable for this..?
    Is that be possible on Raspberry Pi Model B element 14 ..?

    Kindly please help.

  • What gets in the way of your Raspberry Pi project?

    For those following along, it's become a bit of a daisy chain...

    It's been about 10 years since the Raspberry Pi was released to the world, and I remember everyone being excited. It was a mixture of miscommunication, promises and new technology…

  • How to connect rasberry pi 400 (keyboard) with an element 14 7" Touchscreen display?

    How to connect rasberry pi 400 (keyboard) with an element 14 7" Touchscreen display?

    When i connect the pi 400 with a monitor or even tv, everything works fine.

    I tried to connect the 7" Touchscreen display the same way i connect the keyboard with…

  • Running RPi off Batteries

    I'm new to using RPi. Can I run RPi with batteries? If so, how would the circuit be? Do I need a regulator?
    I tried using AA connected in series, but still won't work. I also apparently overheated and killed it after connecting too many Batteries …

  • Looking for a usb bluetooth adapter class 1 with antenna connection possible.

    I have in mind a project that I want to play with the RPi4 and a USB Bluetooth adapter that is class 1 and hopefully comes with an antenna option.  Preferably without extreme pricing for something considered special lab/test equipment.  :-)  Looking for…

  • Anyone running Google Chrome on Raspberry Pi

    Can anyone share their experience running Google Chrome on a Raspberry Pi? By experience I mean: How you did it? What is it's performance? Would you do it for your mother? I figure if it is acceptable for a mother then it is prime time


    I'm hoping to…

  • How to USB boot Raspberry Pi4 ?

    I have heard that Raspberry Pi4 can be USB booted or via the network. Also, seen a few posts on people doing it. How exactly can I do it? I tried and it didn't work on a generic procedure.

  • Avnet SmartEdge IoT Gateway - Raspberry Pi - saving/loading OS

    Has anyone had success following the User Guide instructions for downloading a new image onto the device.

    Specifically, I followed the directions here:


    rpiboot builds fine


  • Is there a smaller ethernet jack I can use on the Raspberry Pi?

    I'd like to find a smaller jack for the ethernet port on the Raspberry Pi 3 so I could make the board fit in a smaller space. Is one available?

    I want to de-solder the one on there and solder on a new, smaller port.

  • How to Battery Power Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Pi Touchscreen?

    Hello everyone,


    My question is, would it be possible to power the Official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen and Raspberry Pi 3 b+ from a lipo battery?


    Any recommendations? I have tried the Power Boost 1000c from Adafruit. The touchscreen draws too much for the…

  • Get certain TFT LCD working on SPI1

    Hi everyone!


    I'm very new to raspberrypi and have spent the last couple of weeks learning as much as I can. I have installed the latest version of Raspian and I'm trying to get a 3.5" LCD to work on SPI1 instead of SPI0 (which I need for other components…

  • 3.5" LCD for Raspberry Pi - No Luck

    Hi all,


    Fairly new to Raspberry Pi / Linux / Electronics. Recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 B and have been having great fun with it.


    Purchased this 3.5" display and am having no luck getting it to work.


    Once I fit it onto the GPIO, it displays all…

  • Powered Hub w/ Raspberry Pi



    I'm trying to sort out some suspected power issues with my Raspberry Pi by using a powered USB hub.


    I have a couple of questions...


    1. If I supply external power to the hub, does it feed back to the Raspberry Pi it's plugged into?

    1b. If so…

  • Loud buzz on Raspberry Pi Audio Jack



    I'm hoping someone might have the answer to this issue I'm having with my Kitty TV Raspberry Pi.


    I have the Raspberry Pi (version 2, B+) connected to an old monitor via an HDMI cable connected to an HDMI-DVI adapter to the monitor, for video…

  • Astrophotography With The 8MP Raspberry Pi Cameras

    I will attempt to use the Raspberry Pi 8MP NoIR and standard v2 camera boards for capturing images of the night time sky, and also with specialized filters in the daytime.


    My question for the E14 community,


    Does anyone have experience in this application…

  • Capacitor to smooth out Raspberry Pi power dips?

    I recently was trying to do a few things with a Pi3, and it consistently hung when I tried to update the system (sudo apt-get update/upgrade). It did everything else well enough, so I wonder if that's power related, with the upgrade making the WiFi work…

  • USB not working after wiping SD Card

    I've recently re-flashed my Pi, wiped the whole lot and put 'NOOBS_LITE_V2_4'. After plugging it back in, it powers up correctly, i get to the Noobs installation screen but the USB ports don't seem to work at all! So i cant install 'LibreELEC' because…

  • RPi3 internet and receive calls

    Hello forumers,


    I am using RPi3 and I would like to use internet and receive calls at the same time.


    I already tried that with USB modem HUAWEI E220 but there was no success. I also have HUAWEI E3531.


    I just need internet connection to be running all the…

  • Pi HMI with the Official 7" Touchscreen

    So I'm fairly new to the Raspberry Pi, never really dealt with Linux too much before, or a CLI operating system outside of like a Cisco enterprise switch or a few things when Windows gets cranky. I'm pretty fluent in basic code, ladder logic, C++, arduino…

  • Building a pen only tablet with an HP TC1100 LCD and digitizer

    Looking to gut the case of my beloved but now nonfunctional HP TC1100 and use the LCD and digitizer with a Raspberry Pi 3. A quick idea:



    The case itself is 10.8 x 8.5 x 0.8 in (27.4 x 21.6 x 2.0 cm) so theres a bit of depth but not a ton to play with.…

  • Raspi3 Video Demultiplexer?

    I'm currently tinkering with 3D video using a Raspberry Pi 3 and I'll be using an interlaced composite video output.

    However, I need to split the upper and lower fields between two CRT viewfinders (I know that the Raspi can't do that).

    So, does…

  • Raspberry Pi Wordpress Website Loads Extremely Slow And Only Loads Basic HTML

    I recently downloaded apache and wordpress to make my own website. It worked fine the first couple times but after I switched the raspberry pi to a different wifi network I experienced a lot problems. At first it didn't work at all and I couldn't connect…

  • Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen display - PLEASE HELP!

    I have had this monitor for a few months.


    When I first got it, I powered it up and connected it to my RPi 2. It worked fine.


    Since then, I have not used it for a bit. I attempted to power if up this week, and I keep getting this screen in the attached…

  • Raspberry Pi with EnOcean Pi and EnOcean USB 300

    Good afternoon,


    I was wondering if anyone would kindly help me with an issue.


    I bought an EnOcean USB 300 and an EnOcean Pi, to try and get either to work with a Raspberry Pi. I have been following the official instructions until it came to these commands…

  • RTP and Common C++

    I recently came upon GNU ccRTP, with which I would like to experiment.  The claim is it requires Common C++, so I was wondering what that was.


    I could not find any RTP libraries on the 3.12.33+ distribution, so I was wondering how to apt-get them.