• Raspberry Pi - Image Processing

    Hi everyone.
    I am actually working on real time image / video processing..?
    What versions / models of Raspberry Pi are suitable for this..?
    Is that be possible on Raspberry Pi Model B element 14 ..?

    Kindly please help.

  • Key board print on screen

    Recently,I bought the Raspberry Pi B+ and I am using a wireless Keyboard mouse.

    The problem is that when I press " with Shiftkey to produce on screen  " i get symbol displayed on screen @.

    I also tried to correct by changing config file keyboard…

  • im running rasbian on raspberry pi to an is connected with hdmi cable on a tv and outpus only the video, has no sound. I have to connect a different cable for the audio?

    im running rasbian on raspberry pi to an is connected with hdmi cable on a tv and outpus only the video, has no sound. I have to connect a different cable for the audio?

  • Hiii.

    I am using Raspberry PI B model Please help me for  RS-232RS-232 communication for data logging

  • Question concerning writing the .img file



    I'm excited about joining this forum and getting started with Raspberry PI 2. Having a bit of difficulty setting up the SD card. I have already checked to see if the one I have is compatible and it appears to be so. It is a Sony 64gb micro sd card…

  • Hi, I'm new to the raspberry pi and I would like to build a mini pi-computer

    As the title says i'm new to the raspberry pi and I would like some help doing my raspberry pi mobile computer. What parts should I buy? Which raspberry pi model should I get? How hard is it to build?

    I would love some help (I'm 16 btw) so any offers…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B only shows 371 MB total RAM

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ free -m

                 total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached

    Mem:           371        331         40          0         18        198

    -/+ buffers/cache:        114        257

    Swap:           99         15         84

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $



    and there should be 1GB. Totally puzzled. I formatted the SD card and wrote Raspbian to it ...NOT NOOBS.…

  • is there a rasberry pi 2 starter kit?

    Does anyone know if there is a Rasberry Pi 2 started kit available for purchase just like the current one for the rasberry pi model B? I'm new to Rasberry Pi, but I'm intrigued by it and want to learn more about it. Thanks for any help!!

  • At Power up green en red will be on, but no video

    I'am new to the Pi but not to programming or hardware projects. Powering up my Pi I see 2 leds green en red on, but have no video. Keyboard and mouse OK, nothing happens.

    I have no operating system loaded, the starterguide say I ought to see a login…

  • how do I get wifi to work?

    I have tried to configure my WiFi but keep getting the error no wpa supplicant. How can I setup WiFi no ip address!

  • cant boot

    I'm frustrated.

    First, I bought a PI B+ off ebay, formatted the MicroSD card myself, dug up an old power supply and it wouldn't boot.

    I said "OK, I made a mistake somewhere" and bought an Element14 kit with the B+ and the pre-formatted Micro SD…

  • I download NOOBS v1.4 build Feb 18 2015 but ...

    only Raspian, Data Partition, Raspbian - Boot to Scratch show up ... not ... but"raspbmc" or openELEC" like the videos show.


    Why is that?  How do I get either of those running / installed?


    I have Pi with a wired connection and it's the latest…

  • my raspberry pi wont boot

    my raspberry pi wont work even though i do everything correctly it still wont work please help me

  • Howto redirect sound to the earbuds jack on the B+

    Greetings, I unpacked and setup my first Raspberry Pi last evening, and had a blast-- thank you so much for RP! I ran into a little snag with sound. Sound works great with my HDMI monitor that also supports sound, and the HDMI cable is doing its job well…

  • No HDMI signal

    Raspberry Pi 2,  when I power up I have red and green lights on MB but monitor display 'No Signal'?

  • The correct ribbon cable for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    I purchased a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1 GB.  The accessory kit I purchased is from Adafruit industries.  Thus far, I used the SDcard that came with the accessory kit after downloading NOOBS 1.4.0 and installed the OS on the Raspberry Pi.  I was also able…

  • GDBus.Error

    After installing Raspin for the first time, I get to the pi@raspberrypi~$ prompt.  I type startx to get the GUI.  The following error displays: "GDBus.Error.org.freedesktop.Policykit1.Error.Failed. Cannot determine user of subject."  After clicking…

  • Getting Started and updating Raspbian

    Hi, I'm just getting started with Raspberry and I see that they have a new software version released on 12/24/14.  I don't know what version that I have now (I got it in November).  My primary goal is to pass on weather data from my Acurite Weather…

  • Having Trouble converting img to berryboot

    Having trouble converting img to squash. i get the mounting its just the sed command where it gets me. This was the guide i was following How to add distributions to Berryboot manually ~ TechKnowBlogging| Tech,Blogging,SEO,Marketing

    the problem is that…

  • I need simple python code to run my PI GPIO with channgel relay

    I have Raspberry Pi B+ and i just bought 8 channel relay. i successfully connected but i really need a simple code to run it to trun on and off the channel relay?

    would you please help me

  • How to get started with Raspberry Pi B+?

    Dear: Element 14

    Just to let you know I got a single Raspberry Pi B+ for Christmas. I don't think my dad did enough research but there were a lot of parts he secluded from buying the raspberry pi for me. Also I am hoping to get started with raspberry pi…

  • i would like to know more commands in lxterminal. plz do help me

    i would like to know more commands and uses of lxtermin. plz do help me

  • How to connect RFID RC522 with my raspberry pi b+ ?

    I'm still working on it. But it's hopeless. Can you help me?

    I try this link and also other link. But the problem is still the same.

    Código, Tips y Programas Varios: Utilizando el lector NFC RC522 en la Raspberry Pi


    1) I cannot do the 'Is' command…

  • Which GPIO Pinout diagram for Raspberry Pi B Plus is correct?


    I have purchased Raspberry Pi B Plus from element14. I found 2 different GPIO pinout diagrams on internet. Which one is correct?



    Or This one?


    Please help...

    Thanks in advance.

  • Problems connecting wipi

    I get the message 'failed to enable network in wpa_supplicant configuration'. Can you help?