• Key board print on screen

    Recently,I bought the Raspberry Pi B+ and I am using a wireless Keyboard mouse.

    The problem is that when I press " with Shiftkey to produce on screen  " i get symbol displayed on screen @.

    I also tried to correct by changing config file keyboard…

  • Looking for help on this LCD

    I am wishing to connect this LCD to a Raspberry Pi using it's LCD interface. I have the data sheet at http://www.beyondinfinite.com/lcd/Library/Hannstar/HSD160PHW1-A.pdf. Can someone point me in the right direction or tell me if this is way off the…

  • Raspberry Pi B+ and PiFace Digital 2 (Not Detected)

    Hi all,


    I have just bought a Piface digital 2 and followed all the steps to install it which I have been able to do.

    When I run the GUI on the new Rasbian (Feb 2015) all my Pi reports in the command line is that my PiFace has not been detected?

    Can Anyone…

  • Rpi2 cooling

    Hello everybody (and sorry for my bad english),

    I'm currently working on cooling system for Rpi2 to overclock it a bit. I'm already owner of older model (just B) where are 3 "chips" I'm cooling (CPU/GPU/RAM, ethernet and input voltage regulator) all on…

  • Microstack Accelerometer Accessory Board for Pi

    Hi all,


    Has anybody had any luck getting the 'Microstack Accelerometer Accessory Board' working with the Raspberry Pi please? I got the baseboard along with the GPS and the accelerometer at the same time and I have the GPS working now but I just can't…

  • I Need Help connecting an adafruit touchscreen to my pi B+

    I am building a PiPhone and can't figure out what cable will connect my adafruit touchscreen to my raspberry pi B+.  Please help me!!!! @Pi

  • What battery to use for portable RPi?

    I was planning on making an RPi robot, wireless, of course, and i was wondering what type of battery or battery pack to use (size, voltage, amperage, etc). It would also be helpful to know if i should wire it directly to a male micro usb cable to plug…

  • I need some advice on Raspberry Pi for my son who is interested in Robotics.

    My son is interested in Robotics. He is 15 and has already worked on Raspberry Pi with some friends at school. I would like to get him a Robotics starter kit to begin doing his own projects at home, but I have no clue about this stuff. So I was told to…

  • Rpi Pre Setting a Static IP while not on that network

    I have a project where pi's have a particular (and peculiar)  communcation purpose.   It is irrelevant to the question.

    What is relevant is that these go thru intermediate hands (like dealers)  who set up id/comm protocols for end clients so they may communicate…

  • Raspberry Pi only red LED burn and no screen



    I bought a raspberry pi model b. It work well before. After 3 weeks the Pi stopped working. When I take off the power and start-up the only led that burns is the red one. There is no mouse or keybord activity, there's is even no screen. I reinstalled…

  • Rasperry Pi Laptop

    Hello users of element14,


    I found out quite a while ago online that you could build your own laptop using the Raspberry Pi, so I found UK (United Kingdom) parts (Just the atrix cause I know were to get a raspberry pi) but I can't seem to find the way to…

  • New to the pi world

    So I've been scouring the internet for stuff to do with my new pi for about a week now and I've decided that what I need to do is get a small display with no audio, a compact laptop battery, and a compact keyboard. Then proceed to boot  with out…

  • Raspberry Pi - Raspbian Real Time Kernel


    I am trying to make Raspbian kernel to support real time and to do that I cloned the latest kernel from raspbian github repository and applied rt patch for 3.10.25-rt23(https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/projects/rt/3.10/).

    Ifollowed this link…

  • NAS mount on RPi

    Hello community,


    I am having an impossible time trying to permanently connect my NAS to the RPi.


    The RPi can see and connect to the NAS through the 'FileManager' menu Go>Network,like this:


    Trying to use 'sudo mount' or adding an entry to the …

  • Piface Digital 1 disrupted, but needed to fit in Piface Rack 26 pins GPIO

    The Piface Digital 1 seems to be disrupted, but i need it to fit in Piface Rack 26 pins GPIO. Could the RPI customization service do something?

    Could it be rebuilt?

    Please note that lot of questions in the forums are on this with no answer.

  • bcm2835_gpio_eds_multi

    Hello!  I trying to use the bcm2835_gpio_eds_multi() function to detect an low-level change on five inputs in a high-speed loop. Yes. I have init the ports with fsel(), pud() and len() functions earlier.

    This eds_multi() just returning zero. Do I miss something…

  • Raspberry Pi 7'' touchscreen display hardware reference



    I am using the official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display and I was wondering if there are any hardware references about the touchscreen display kit and the paralell display (pixel clock, timings, sync lenghts), or just a serial number for the…

  • Windows 10 on Rpi 2

    Finally, Windows 10 for Rpi2.



  • A "simple" solution for getting a case to fit your RPi with add-on card

    So, after some extensive Googling, it appears that there are any number of cases one can choose from for their Raspberry Pi.  However, few, if any, appear to accommodate a Raspberry Pi that has a card attached to the GPIO connector.  I did find some blog…

  • Gideros almost there for the Pi...

    Hi all,


    I found this forum after being banned from the pi forum for apparently writing aggressive and insulting emails (!!)..


    (More on that here: https://www.facebook.com/anthony.ball.66/posts/10205497102768130 )


    Anyhow, I don't know if any of you are aware…

  • NEW: RPI MODEL B+ -> Q&A

    Source:  Blog | Raspberry Pi



  • A new smaller Pi microcontroller

    Link:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vocore-a-coin-sized-linux-computer-with-wifi#activity


    I found this project today and thought it would interest the community.


    It is much smaller than the RPi and it includes WiFi.


    Let me know what you guys think about…

  • SD Card reading problem

    Hi, I have a new Kingston SDHC 8G class 10 sd card that can read and write properly in a notebbok: Lenovo G460 windows 7. However, while I used in another notebook: Acer Aspire V5-171 windows 8.0 to copy same files to the same SD card, I can only write…

  • PiPad Tablet on cover of Make

    The latest issue of Make is out and the beautiful PiPad Tablet is on the cover:

    You can view a preview of the issue online:


    Michael Castor also documented the beautiful build on his blog:


  • MAKE: "How I Built a Raspberry Pi Tablet"

    Michael Castor of Make writes about the beautiful Raspberry Pi tablet he built:

    How I Built a Raspberry Pi Tablet | MAKE

    It seems that every day a manufacturer comes out with a new tablet computer. Thinner, lighter, faster, but it seems that they all look…