• Can a SATA to USB converter from an old 5" HD used for SATA SSD ?

    Hi to all.


    I have got just today the 120 Gb SSD SATA disk that will be the definitive external storage support for the PI master of the Meditech project. At home I have some SATA to USB converter boards recovered from old external USB HDD boxes that hosted…

  • Automatic usb switch

    USB 2.0 2 Way Manual Share Switch 1 Printer to 2 PC's: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics


    Hi I have built a Openelec media center with a USB HDD fitted inside a case im trying to work out how to created a automatic switch like the one in link above that will…

  • raspberry pi model B USB ports - physical connection problems

    I have raspberry pi model B that I can only connect to a USB hub if I get the plug in the port just right.  It's actually the second one in a row where I've had this problem.  The full details are here:


  • Powering via the USB ports

    Have just bought a B+. Reading all the previous documentation on the B indicated I could power the Pi via a USB port if I wanted. I tried this on my B+ and nothing happened !.


    My particular application has a USB module capable of supplying 2 amps at 5V…

  • Hi what do I need to purchase -- I want to be able to use this to demo node.js application on linux platform using the Raspberry PI

    I  want to be able to use this to demo node.js application on linux platform using the Raspberry PI.

    It will be handy to bring along the raspberry PI. for demo but I am not a hardware person, so many acessories and stuff

    What do I need to purchase? I always…

  • audio recording using USB mic

    I am a newbie on Raspberry Pi model B. My first Raspberry Pi "project" is to simply record live audio using a USB mic. But the alsa soundcard/audio driver seems to have some problem with the built-in recording tool, arecord. The following is…

  • malfunctioning USB port



    I've just received my first Raspberry pi, a model B with a pre-installed NOOBS.  I installed Raspbian.  I can see that the OS is not the latests and I haven't upgraded yet.


    My problem is that when I plug either a mouse or a keyboard into the lower…

  • Laptop Webcam to USB Webcam? for Raspberry Pi

    I have just dissembled my HP pavilion Dv7 because the motherboard gave up, and now i am looking to salvage part of it to use for my raspberry pi. I have its Webcam and was wondering if i could rewire it to work with a USB.


    The camera is a 21QCMMA00M0 …

  • How to USB boot Raspberry Pi4 ?

    I have heard that Raspberry Pi4 can be USB booted or via the network. Also, seen a few posts on people doing it. How exactly can I do it? I tried and it didn't work on a generic procedure.

  • Are pull-up resistors needed for a USB joystick controller?

    I recently purchased a USB encoder for arcade joysticks (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UUROWWK) to use with my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.


    The encoder is correctly recognized as a joystick in Raspbian, and by shorting button pins I can see the status…

  • Have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B USB OTG port?

    Have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B USB OTG port?

  • A great wireless keyboard for the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    I purchased a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard and track pad.  It uses a single USB port and worked perfectly out-of-the box.  No software was needed.  It is small and compact.  No more cords running across my desk.  Love it.

  • Raspberry pi usb output from GPIO

    I've had this idea and I've googled a lot to find out if it would be possible to attatch usb cable to raspberry pi's GPIO pins. I already got an old usb cable and cutted the other end off and i tought that I just attatch the vireing to GPIOs and plug…

  • 3G USB modem frequencies USA

    Hi guys



    I was looking to buy a 3G modem for raspberry pi that would work with Tmobile/At&t SIM in USA. Because 3G frequencies are different for different modems.



    the modems which I require are below. Can anyone please tell me if these get 3G/4G signal…

  • raspberry pi compatible modem capable of SMS/3G

    Hi Guys


    I request you guys to suggest a list of USB modems (3G/4G) which work with the pi in the USA.


    My requirements are:


    1. good 3G/4G connection

    2. External antenna support

    3. SMS function supported (outgoing). gammu or something else.

    4. Api compatible

  • Raspberry pi USB dongle not getting IP address and keeps connecting and reconnecting.

    I Bought a raspberry pi model B that came with a usb dongle on amazon. The box says element 14 on it. Im using the GUI interface to connect to wifi but it will connect without a ip address then reconnect and repeat that process. It also says 4 way handshake…

  • Sending Commands from PC to Raspberry Pi via USB

    I am currently doing a project with the Raspberry Pi as a controller connected to a PC via USB and using the Pi to send commands to other devices connected via GPIO pins.

    I will be using a host-to-host cable for the usb link between the pi and pc.


  • USB or SD?

    hi everyone, first post
    i would like to run my pi as a linux, everywhere i look i'm being told to download onto an SD card but does anyone know if it would work if i download it straight to USB?

    i always thought USB was faster than SD card

    thanks in…

  • USB Thumb Drive Causing Reboots

    I know this has been discussed both here and over on the RPi forums. A lot of talk has gone into the power rails but I haven't seen anyone definitely finding what actually causes the RPi to reboot. I have a "newer" Rev 1 board which has zero ohm resistors…

  • KindleBerry Pi.

    I saw this on the RPi.org website this morning and I thought that it would be easier to do the whole set-up just without the Raspberry Pi connected to the USB port on the RPi.


    I have a Kindle 3 Wi-Fi edition.  An Edumax USB Wi-Fi adapter. A Raspberry Pi…

  • Connection issues [Solved with SOLUTION]

    Hi all,


    I recently managed to get my Raspberry Pi up and running with the newest Operating System, 'Rasbian Wheezy' and everything including the mouse, keyboard and monitor seem to be working perfectly with the exception of my dongle. I can connect to…

  • Usb camera



    does anybody knows where to find a driver for usb web cam ?

  • USB joystick only works through unpowered hub?

    I'm nearly finished building a handheld game system running RetroPie. However, there's one thing I can't get working.


    I'm using a USB joystick encoder (https://www.amazon.com/Reyann-Arcade-Encoder-Joystick-Fighting/dp/B00UUROWWK/). I've…

  • USB and Ethernet ports suddenly stop working in my brand new Raspberry PI 3



    As the title says, I recently bought a brand new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. At first, It started working well, with RJ45 cable connected to the Ethernet port and a mouse connected to one of the USB ports. However, after almost half an hour, the two…

  • camera for zero?

    I am just got my first Pi, a zero, and I have a few questions about using cameras with Pis. 


    1.  Can a USB camera be used with the Pi Zero?  Would this arrangement work with OpenCV?


    2.  I'm assuming a USB camera can be used with the other Pis, even though…