• cirrus logic audio card/ raspberry pi 2

    I am trying to run the cirrus logic audio card with the raspberry Pi 2 and it seems that there is still problem with kernel, any suggestion?

  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card Enclosure for Pi Model B+ / Pi 2 Model B

    Hello, I was recently making a research about an enclosure option for the Raspberry Pi Model B+ with the Cirrus Logic audio card but I couldn't really find anything. I was wondering if any of you could have seen something that might work? I own the Pi…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 and Cirrus Logic Audio Card - Does it work? Mine doesn't...

    Today I received my new Rpi 2 and sound card.


    First I tried to install OpenElec from my windows PC on a SD-card, which worked fine (no use of sound card of course).


    Then I updated it with a .tar from Index of /~hias/tmp/openelec-wolfson


    It just showed a…

  • Wolfson/CIRRUS LOGIC AUDIO CARD  for RASPBERRY PI B+/A+ : power usage.

    Hi to all,


    I have ordered 2 of these cards and plan to experiment with them to create wireless battery operated sound systems.

    Although it should work, eventually, I do miss info on the power needs of this card at this moment.

    And I assume when we have got…

  • Using ALSA for Custom Real Time Audio Effects



    I am working on a project where I use a Cirrus Logic Audio Card with a Raspberry Pi to implement a reverberation effect for a guitar. The idea is to use the line in port of the Cirrus card to capture the data one sample at a time, put that sample through…

  • Cirrus Logic - RPI 2 FFT on streaming audio

    Hi everyone,

    My current project is to run constant FFT on an audio stream and output the data to a 3D LED Array. Google 3D LED cubes if you don't know what they are. My cube is more of a rectangular prism, 24x8x8=1536 LED's. I am new to the world of PI…

  • Use as a guitar pedal.

    I was hoping to use the Cirrus board as a digital effects guitar pedal. I was planning on using line in and line out since the connections make things very simple. However, I have run into some problems with the line out to guitar amplifier connection…

  • Expansion header:  Can the i2c of expansion header pin be customize using

    Because I want to use i2c interface to control others device for expansion header pin on cirrus logic audio card. so the i2c interface be  using? 



  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card Comparison Table[1]


    Audio Card

    Cirrus Logic

    Audio Card


    Raspberry Pi Model A and B



    Raspberry Pi Model A+ and B+



    Technical Features

    26pin GPIO Connector



    40pin GPIO Connector



    Back powering Raspberry Pi




  • Mike Powell introduces the NEW Cirrus Logic Audio Card at electronica 2014

  • Issues with arecord command

    I'm not sure if it's related to the card (maybe I installed it wrong or something), but I was wondering if anyone on here could help me out.

    I'm having some mixed results with the arecord command in the terminal. The hardware I'm using consists…

  • High Quality (HD) Audio and Video Recorder using the Raspberry Pi

    Hello all. I'm new to the Raspberry Pi (just got my first Pi, an RPi 3 Model B). I am looking to create an high-quality audio+video recorder out of my Raspberry Pi. (In a way, I'm basically trying to make a camcorder.) I want to add the Raspberry Pi Camera…

  • Running CLAC on a Raspberry B+ exclusively through the Expansion header

    Dear Forum.

    I am new to this thread so sorry if the question seems maybe stupid. But.

    As following what's inside the manual at page 2 at FEATURE voice :


    • Expansion header to allow connection to host boards other than Raspberry Pi.

    I was wondering if anyone…