• Raspberry Pi B+ as Part of the Internet of (All the/Every)Thing(s)

    Everything is Awesome


    If you need an introduction to the B+B+ then has a blog which goes into the B+ in detail along with whom helps to introduce those new to Raspberry Pi to get started with one; if you require a more technical list of…

  • Raspberry Pi Pico

    Raspberry Pi Pico


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    We are very excited to introduce the all new Raspberry Pi Pico, a tiny, $4, MicroPython and C/C++ board with custom RP2040 silicon.

    This is the first product from the Raspberry Pi Foundation…

  • Raspberry Pi v2 Mod B Pinout

  • What pinouts are you using for connecting to I²C and SPI modules?



    I want to put some pin-headers for modules on a board with a RPi Zero W for sensors and other peripherals on modules (or break out boards). Starting with the assumption that there's a de facto standard for the pinout on modules, I tried to find one…