• Raspberry Pi - Image Processing

    Hi everyone.
    I am actually working on real time image / video processing..?
    What versions / models of Raspberry Pi are suitable for this..?
    Is that be possible on Raspberry Pi Model B element 14 ..?

    Kindly please help.

  • Raspberry PI 2 and Windows 10... SPI, ADC and GUI Display

    See what can be done in only a few hours of learning:-

    Hi everyone, there has been a lot of speculation as to the functionality of Windows 10 on the PI2


    This has focused initially on the fact it wont have a GUI display and be well rather none eventful



  • Vote For Your Favorite Halloween Pi Project!

    How do you want to use the Raspberry Pi this Halloween season?  To chill and thrill? To entertain? We've listed our top 10 favorite Halloween Pi projects to get your creative juices flowing. Vote for your favorite!


    Need more info before you vote? Read…

  • What language and what DevEnv are you  using to develop with raspbian on Raspberry PI?

    I have started this poll as I am interested to screen in the most possible complete way what is the various languages you are approaching to develop on the Raspberry PI. I have explicitly added raspbian as the most Debian-like Linux distribution supporting…

  • Can a SATA to USB converter from an old 5" HD used for SATA SSD ?

    Hi to all.


    I have got just today the 120 Gb SSD SATA disk that will be the definitive external storage support for the PI master of the Meditech project. At home I have some SATA to USB converter boards recovered from old external USB HDD boxes that hosted…

  • X300 for Rasperry PI - Does someone knows it ?

    Hi to all,


    discussing with a friend that has recently bought a PI (B 2) he told me that he has found on aliexpress (see the link below: Online Shop X300 Raspberry Pi Expansion Board Adds Bluetooth, Microphone input, stereo audio output, WiFi, RTC, IR recei…

  • PiFace CAD: What are the really used PINs on the PI

    I have investigated here and there without success until now. There is a lot of (good) documentation about the usage of the PiFace CAD display but I can't find what are the really used PINs on the Raspberry PI. In fact I see that this add-on board can…

  • Programming- Detecting Current Through Circuit



    I am a very new beginner to the Raspberry Pi, and I am wondering how I can programmatically detect if there is a current flowing through the circuit I built, connected to my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. My circuit consists of a wire connected to the 3.3V…

  • Raspberry PI IR receiver needs some extra component ?

    Hi to all,


    I have a doubt about the use of a IR receiver connected to the Raspberry PI GPIO. Is it sufficient to connect the data pin to the GPIO port and power the sensor of some pull resistor is the worth to use?


    I am using the TSOP312 hat is 3.3V compatible…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Switches/Door Contact Switches



    I am new to the Raspberry Pi and I was wondering how I would connect door contact switches (or any kind of switch) to the pins on my Raspberry Pi. I have a Raspberry Pi 2, Model B. The purpose of this so that I could read if the door switches are together…

  • How can I set the SPDIF Out of a Wolfson card for 48KHz output

    Just registered and after a long research...


    The set:

    • Wolfson card on Raspberry Pi B
    • Volumio 1.55 with the patch of Ragnar
    • Yamaha RX-V595RDS
    • very cheap cinch auido cable, about 1.5m (for sure not a chance to be 75 Ohm)
    • some mp3, FLAC files


    The history:

    • Headset…
  • Qt 5.3 on raspian: Probelm witqh QtQuick / QML

    I have successfully installed Qt 5.3 on raspbian and it works fine. This will be definitely the environment I will develop the Meditech main interface. The problem is that I was not able to install in any way the QtQuick / QML environment. Does someone…

  • Problem running MENCODER or AVCONV from Cron

    I have a project where my Raspberry Pi starts taking pictures at 4:30AM and stops at 7:30AM everyday.  Then MENCODER or AVCONV should turn on to stitch them together into a movie.  Then a Dropbox Uploader uploads the movie to my dropbox account, and another…

  • Custom desktop on raspian

    This is half a question and half to start a discussion open for any kind of suggestion. If I have the need to start the Raspberry PI raspian with a customized desktop, including some parts and reoving others. Does someone has this kind of experience?…

  • PI Face Digital 2 with real PWM

    It's just an idea and before trying to make tests i'd like to ask your vision.


    The power of the PI Face Digital is that there are a certain number of elements, including a couple of good quality relays, ready to use. Then there is a missing component…

  • MPIDE for Chipkit PI on Raspberry PI running Raspian

    How do someone of you has setup the Raspberry-PI (no matter the model) to run the MPIDE under Raspian to program and manage the Chipkit PI ? I have read in various places about a raspian version with the preinstalled MPIDE but the few links I have found…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B only shows 371 MB total RAM

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ free -m

                 total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached

    Mem:           371        331         40          0         18        198

    -/+ buffers/cache:        114        257

    Swap:           99         15         84

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $



    and there should be 1GB. Totally puzzled. I formatted the SD card and wrote Raspbian to it ...NOT NOOBS.…

  • Using a Membrane Matrix Keypad to operate a lock with Raspberry Pi

    I am very basic with the language of python but I am trying out a project which is an electronic lock.


    But the problem is that I cant seem to work out how to make a program that asks for a four digit number password and when the correct digits are entered…

  • What is a good waterproof case for a Raspberry Pi and NoIR PiCam?

    I have built a birdhouse, with a Raspberry Pi and NoIR in it. But I am having issues with sealing it from the elements.

    I had an IR Led light ring that burned out part of circuit. Not sure if it was because of elements.

    Also looking to seal up the PiCam…

  • Charging NiMH Battery while in Use

    I have been trying to figure out if I could use my NiMH battery while it is in use for my current project.  If it is possible, how would I go about doing this?

    I am currently making a handheld retrogaming system using Raspberry Pi, a rear view camera monitor…