• Raspberry Pi - Image Processing

    Hi everyone.
    I am actually working on real time image / video processing..?
    What versions / models of Raspberry Pi are suitable for this..?
    Is that be possible on Raspberry Pi Model B element 14 ..?

    Kindly please help.

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    How do you want to use the Raspberry Pi this Halloween season?  To chill and thrill? To entertain? We've listed our top 10 favorite Halloween Pi projects to get your creative juices flowing. Vote for your favorite!


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  • Using a Membrane Matrix Keypad to operate a lock with Raspberry Pi

    I am very basic with the language of python but I am trying out a project which is an electronic lock.


    But the problem is that I cant seem to work out how to make a program that asks for a four digit number password and when the correct digits are entered…

  • What is a good waterproof case for a Raspberry Pi and NoIR PiCam?

    I have built a birdhouse, with a Raspberry Pi and NoIR in it. But I am having issues with sealing it from the elements.

    I had an IR Led light ring that burned out part of circuit. Not sure if it was because of elements.

    Also looking to seal up the PiCam…

  • WM5102 Acoustic Echo Cancellation

    I have wolfson audio card with raspberry pi module. I am able to stream audio over the network, but I am hearing my own voice in the speaker. I am using g-streamer library.


    Can I use WM5102 with Acoustic echo cancellation? If yes please let me know how…

  • Creating an Outdoor Timer That is WiFi or BlueTooth enabled?


    I would like to update my outdoor electric timer switch to be blue toothed/wifi/smartphone enabled.

    We have a typical mechanical timer (picture to be taken and attached later today) for our pool pump. This device simply turns the power on or off…

  • Interface old laptop camera with RasPi

    Hey guys,


    I have recently salvaged two old laptops and got my hands on two webcam modules, but I cannot find out the pinouts for these modules.

    1. How could I determine which connections are which without destroying the modules ??

    2. Does anyone have information…

  • Raspberry Pi Model B+ (512MB) Changes

    For all other information and technical documents on the Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512MB please refer to The specified item was not found.


    To determine the board revision, either directly at the Raspberry Pi command prompt, or via a terminal session, type…

  • Raspberry Pi 4, 3 B+, Pi 3, Pi 2, B+, A+ Comparison Chart


    NEW! Raspberry Pi 4 Model BRaspberry Pi 3 Model…
  • Seti@Home (boinc) on Raspbian for Raspberry Pi 2


    This is a much-needed update to the blog entry that I wrote in May 2015.  Thanks to subsequent comments by Daniel Carrion (off, busy on other things now), , , , dirkbroer , and mchuntley.


    In September 2016, the current Raspbian…

  • Time Drift on an OpenELEC Pi 2

    OpenELEC is a special Linux distribution because it runs a single specialized application: Kodi.  As a consequence of being understandably cautious, there are limitations to what a user can do in terms of administration in this environment.


    For example…

  • How to Set-up a Static (Fixed) IP Address on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3

    This is a much-needed update to the blog entry that I wrote in April 2015 with respect to RPi2 and was last updated this past September.  Much thanks for comments by , anthonyworth , and (RPi3 comments).

    Why a static IP address for the…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 RetroPie Game Emulator

    There have been many blog posts written about setting up a game emulator using the Raspberry Pi, however with the release of the Raspberry Pi 2 and its amazing speed I wanted to see just how much better game play is on the latest board. This quick run…

  • System to remotely control and monitor Raspberry Pis without needing VPN, static IP or DynDNS. Feedback please?


    I'm building a platform (www.dataplicity.com) that lets you monitor your Raspberry Pi's vitals (through a pre-set dashboard), control its GPIOs remotely through a web browser or a mobile device, and remotely connect to your Pi with an SSH-like…

  • Pi - that's what's for dinner!

    Hello everyone, Madhu here! For today's post I thought I'll share two interesting projects from a dinner meeting at a local Makerspace (Raspberry Pi Night) in Framingham MA.


    The first was an electronic door strike. The code and the idea was gifted…
  • Raspberry Pi B+ as Part of the Internet of (All the/Every)Thing(s)

    Everything is Awesome


    If you need an introduction to the B+B+ then has a blog which goes into the B+ in detail along with whom helps to introduce those new to Raspberry Pi to get started with one; if you require a more technical list of…

  • Meet the Raspberry Pi B+


    The Raspberry Pi is now two years old and in it's lifetime it has found itself deep under the sea, controlling complex machinery and floating in space. The initial goal of the project, to educate children in Computer Science has revolutionised the education…

  • Introducing the NEW Raspberry Pi Compute Module

    Designing in the Future: Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Kit


    Coming Summer 2014!


    The new Raspberry Pi Compute Development Kit enables design engineers

    to harness the power of the Raspberry Pi for embedded applications.


    • Small and Powerful. SODIMM…
  • Raspberry pi usb output from GPIO

    I've had this idea and I've googled a lot to find out if it would be possible to attatch usb cable to raspberry pi's GPIO pins. I already got an old usb cable and cutted the other end off and i tought that I just attatch the vireing to GPIOs and plug…

  • Have you got a B+ yet ?

    I was wondering what people're doing with their B+ and if they had/have a model A or B already - what they're doing differently with the B+ ?


    A lot of people're using it as a media centre, again, or a linux file server which just sounds like more…