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    How do you want to use the Raspberry Pi this Halloween season?  To chill and thrill? To entertain? We've listed our top 10 favorite Halloween Pi projects to get your creative juices flowing. Vote for your favorite!


    Need more info before you vote? Read…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Switches/Door Contact Switches



    I am new to the Raspberry Pi and I was wondering how I would connect door contact switches (or any kind of switch) to the pins on my Raspberry Pi. I have a Raspberry Pi 2, Model B. The purpose of this so that I could read if the door switches are together…

  • Using a Membrane Matrix Keypad to operate a lock with Raspberry Pi

    I am very basic with the language of python but I am trying out a project which is an electronic lock.


    But the problem is that I cant seem to work out how to make a program that asks for a four digit number password and when the correct digits are entered…

  • What is a good waterproof case for a Raspberry Pi and NoIR PiCam?

    I have built a birdhouse, with a Raspberry Pi and NoIR in it. But I am having issues with sealing it from the elements.

    I had an IR Led light ring that burned out part of circuit. Not sure if it was because of elements.

    Also looking to seal up the PiCam…

  • Realtek RTL8192EU ID 0BDA:818B RPI2

    Hey guys,


    So I've been spending a lot of time trying to get this to work and I'm now stuck. This is what I've done so far. I got this from http://sprabhu.blogspot.in/2012_07_01_archive.html#4273048004731121321 and had to modify some of it.

  • Pi Camera CCD

    I Was thinking about a project idea and wondered how long I could continuously (for video or long exposure) run the camera module without overhearing the CCD.


    Does anyone know or done any experimenting with this?

  • Interface old laptop camera with RasPi

    Hey guys,


    I have recently salvaged two old laptops and got my hands on two webcam modules, but I cannot find out the pinouts for these modules.

    1. How could I determine which connections are which without destroying the modules ??

    2. Does anyone have information…

  • Occidentalis Kernel Module for PWM


    I'm new to RaspbPi usage and i need to make PWM with a DC Motor.  I have an SD card with NOOBS and have installed Raspbian.

    I have a kernel module from the Occidentalis distribution ( from Adafruit) that enables the PI to do that but i don't know…

  • Pin out documentation for the RPi 2 B

    Hello Community, I'm new and this is my first "post".

    I have a Raspberry Pi 2 model B v1.1 and I have not been able to find any information on the 40 pin GPIO interface.  Everything so far relates to the older models with the 26 pin GPIO. 

  • Raspberry Pi 2 hardware licensing for manufacturing for commercial application

    Who can I speak with about licensing the Raspberry Pi 2 hardware so that we can manufacture it and have more control over the supply chain.

    We are looking at integrating it in a commercial application.

  • Take Control with exclusive PiFace(TM) and SHIM accessories for the Raspberry Pi from element14

    2 October 2014, element14 and the team that designed the PiFace TM has launched a new series of exclusive Raspberry Pi accessories and updated the popular PiFace Digital and Control & Display following the launch of the Raspberry Pi model B+ this July…

  • Raspberry Pi Model B+ (512MB) Changes

    For all other information and technical documents on the Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512MB please refer to The specified item was not found.


    To determine the board revision, either directly at the Raspberry Pi command prompt, or via a terminal session, type…

  • Raspberry Pi 4, 3 B+, Pi 3, Pi 2, B+, A+ Comparison Chart


    NEW! Raspberry Pi 4 Model BRaspberry Pi 3 Model…
  • Microstack accelerometer won't work on Raspberry PI A: a workaround to the issue

    This is not a problem but a fact. And there is also a precise reason: the first model of the PI, with 256 Mb ram uses the I2C channel 0 instead of the I2C channel 1 adopted in the further versions. So, as the Microstack accelerometers is hardware com…

  • Thanks for supporting the Maker community

    A couple of months ago, while visiting the element14 community blog, I chanced upon the “Tis the Season for Inventing” contest announcement. The challenge was to submit innovative ideas using either the Arduino, Raspberry-Pi or BeagleBone Black platforms…


    Home control systems have come a long way since the X10 days, but they are still hideously expensive on a per outlet basis.  Luckily, some cheap electronics from China  and a R PI can change all that.  I came across some hardware that will allow one  to control…

  • Pi - that's what's for dinner!

    Hello everyone, Madhu here! For today's post I thought I'll share two interesting projects from a dinner meeting at a local Makerspace (Raspberry Pi Night) in Framingham MA.


    The first was an electronic door strike. The code and the idea was gifted…
  • Raspberry Pi B+ as Part of the Internet of (All the/Every)Thing(s)

    Everything is Awesome


    If you need an introduction to the B+B+ then has a blog which goes into the B+ in detail along with whom helps to introduce those new to Raspberry Pi to get started with one; if you require a more technical list of…

  • Meet the Raspberry Pi B+


    The Raspberry Pi is now two years old and in it's lifetime it has found itself deep under the sea, controlling complex machinery and floating in space. The initial goal of the project, to educate children in Computer Science has revolutionised the education…

  • Welcome to the B+

    Element14 sent me a new Raspberry Pi B+ board to evaluate. The verdict is easy: I don’t know why it took me so long to pick one of these up, I was completely charmed.

    The B+ has the same processor, clock speed, and RAM (512MB) so the huge community’s existing…