• Vote For Your Favorite Halloween Pi Project!

    How do you want to use the Raspberry Pi this Halloween season?  To chill and thrill? To entertain? We've listed our top 10 favorite Halloween Pi projects to get your creative juices flowing. Vote for your favorite!


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  • Raspberry Pi Model B+ (512MB) Changes

    For all other information and technical documents on the Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512MB please refer to The specified item was not found.


    To determine the board revision, either directly at the Raspberry Pi command prompt, or via a terminal session, type…

  • Raspberry Pi 4, 3 B+, Pi 3, Pi 2, B+, A+ Comparison Chart


    NEW! Raspberry Pi 4 Model BRaspberry Pi 3 Model…
  • Winners of #iLuvPi2 Competition!

    We asked you to tell us just how much you love Raspberry Pi 2 using #iLuvPi2 and you responded in great style!


    With over 140 entries we've had our hands full getting through them all, but here are the winners!

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  • New Retro Gaming Console - Raspberry Pi - 'Nin10do'

    Hi guys,


    I have finalized my Nin10do project last week. Check out the video on Youtube.

    Basically it is a Raspberry Pi B+ in a new (Retro) design custom 3d printed in XT Polyester.

    The cover opens electronically due to a stepper motor and a python script…

  • I am a new Member

    Interested in several applications; integrate the system into my home security system; Inside and Outside cameras; Color and Night UV. Connect to Smart Phones... Application to Locate and Price Items in stores such as; Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears…

  • Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield on Raspberry Pi B+

    I'm trying to do a project with the Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield for Arduino whith the Raspberry pi to use the motors controller on it. Is there a way to use everything together?

  • Have you got a B+ yet ?

    I was wondering what people're doing with their B+ and if they had/have a model A or B already - what they're doing differently with the B+ ?


    A lot of people're using it as a media centre, again, or a linux file server which just sounds like more…

  • RPi watchdog

    I came across this very useful blog about setting the watchdog.



    It also includes information about triggering it if the load is too high.