• Raspberry Pi Pico MicroPython creating u16 values for duty cycle

    I'm teaching a hands on Raspberry Pi Pico class at my local library using Thonny Python.

    The class is mostly doing small hands on projects, explain the wiring, explain the code, expound on any principles that are part of the lesson, let the students…

  • Best practice? Where to save third party libraries for Raspberry Pi Pico (C++)?

    The getting started document for the Raspberry Pi Pico ( https://datasheets.raspberrypi.org/pico/getting-started-with-pico.pdf  ) describes how to set up your own projects in C/C++ for the Pico and how to use cmake to build your project.


    Unfortunately it…

  • Raspberry Pi Pico

    Raspberry Pi Pico


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    We are very excited to introduce the all new Raspberry Pi Pico, a tiny, $4, MicroPython and C/C++ board with custom RP2040 silicon.

    This is the first product from the Raspberry Pi Foundation…

  • Four Multicore C programs for Raspberry Pi Pico using Arduino IDE

    • Introduction
    • Examples
      • FIFO Blocking routines
      • Non-Blocking (Polling) for FIFO
    • Summary





    Earlier this week, I spotted that Arduino had updated their ArduinoCore-mbed Boards Manager files for Arduino Mbed OS RP2040 Boards to version 2…

  • DogGraphicDisplayPico - control a DOG graphic display with the Raspberry Pi Pico



    My first little project with the Raspberry Pi Pico is to control a Electronic Assembly DOGM Graphic display. I have already adopted an arduino library for the display and used it in several projects. So I know the display and how to control it quite…

  • PicoMKRAdapter - connect Arduino MKR Shields to Raspberry Pi Pico

    I was very excited when I heard about the new Raspberry Pi Pico (Raspberry Pi Pico )




    I thought about all the projects I am going to built with it. But I needed to find a good starting point.

    There are already a lot of Arduino Shields lying on my…

  • Working with the Raspberry Pi Pico with Windows and C/C++

    • Introduction
    • Install Visual Studio Code
    • Install CMake
    • Install Build Tools for Visual Studio
    • Install Python 3, Git and ARM GCC Compiler
    • Get Code
    • Building at the Command Line
    • Fixing NMake not found issues
    • Building with Visual Code
    • Running the Applica…