• Raspberry Pi - Image Processing

    Hi everyone.
    I am actually working on real time image / video processing..?
    What versions / models of Raspberry Pi are suitable for this..?
    Is that be possible on Raspberry Pi Model B element 14 ..?

    Kindly please help.

  • Pi Sense HAT causing Pi 4 to freeze

    Good day all. 

    I am running into an odd issue with the Pi Sense HAT and my Pi 4. The Pi 4 has been updated and ssh enabled. I have also configured the Pi to connect to my wireless network and have verified that WITHOUT the Pi Sense HAT attached I can ssh…

  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card: audio monitor while recording

    What method do you use to monitor by earphone (or speakers, but it will be discouraged by obvious reasons) a recording session, or simply a audio live input source with the PI Cirrus Logic Audio Card ?


    Thanks in advance.

  • How can I set the SPDIF Out of a Wolfson card for 48KHz output

    Just registered and after a long research...


    The set:

    • Wolfson card on Raspberry Pi B
    • Volumio 1.55 with the patch of Ragnar
    • Yamaha RX-V595RDS
    • very cheap cinch auido cable, about 1.5m (for sure not a chance to be 75 Ohm)
    • some mp3, FLAC files


    The history:

    • Headset…
  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card / Raspberry Pi 2 / Jack / Mono Ports

    Hi all


    I got my PI working with a kernel build as described in https://github.com/CirrusLogic/rpi-linux/wiki/Building-the-code and the mmap-Patch applied.


    /usribn/jackd -alsa -Dhw:sndrpiwsp -r44100


    I see these…

  • Wolfson sound card working fine when I test, but not with pocketsphinx

    I have tested recording and playback with my wolfson audio card, and both work fine. The problem is, when I try to use pocketsphinx with the card, it gives this error:


    "Failed to set PCM device to mono: Invalid argument

    FATAL: "continuous.c", line…

  • Pi 2 in the future?  Please?

    On the box and on the sales material it says the audio I/O card is available for rev B and onwards. This is incorrect. Current 2 versions do not have the 5-pin header needed and have an expanded GPIO connector. Is there a revision of the audio board in…

  • Raspian 3.12.33+ and Raspberry PI Model B

    So why don't the shell scripts in the subdirectory "use_case_scripts"  that come with Raspian 3.12.33+ don't work Model Bs?  I get errors telling me that the scripts can't find or run "arecord" or "aplay".  The path…

  • raspberry pi 2 model b with cirrus logic audio card

    hi everyone

    i am harender from india.


    recently i bought raspberry pi 2 model b .i bought a cirrus logic audio card but i am unable to use this card with this model of raspberry pi 2 b.

    i tried many sugessions but failed every time .


    so plz help me out give…

  • Use of free GPIO ports

    Are there any free GPIO ports that I can use? If so, which ones?


    What would be the best way to use them? Soldering?



  • Can I use BattBorg with the Cirrus Logic Audio Card?

    I would like to use PiBorg's BattBorg from https://www.piborg.org/battborg with the Cirrus Logic Audio Card on a Raspberry Pi 2. Does the CLAC pass through the two 5V power pins and the ground pin needed to use the BattBorg? If not, is there some…

  • MPIDE for Chipkit PI on Raspberry PI running Raspian

    How do someone of you has setup the Raspberry-PI (no matter the model) to run the MPIDE under Raspian to program and manage the Chipkit PI ? I have read in various places about a raspian version with the preinstalled MPIDE but the few links I have found…

  • Chip Kit PI Need Help and Answers

  • Case for Cirrus and Raspberry Pi?

    I have found one so far, the CamdenBoss Wolfson Board  Case, any others?

  • Frequency Folding?

    I would like to do some fft filtering to "fold" high audio frequencies down (say, 2k to 4k to 1k to 2k, 4k to 8k to 1k to 2k, etc.)  I tried to install the config tool, but it requires a password, so I was unable to play around and figure out…

  • Pops when starting to play music



    I managed to setup Wolfson DAC and it play really well. However I am experiencing one irritating issue with this DAC.

    When I start playing a track I hear pop. Pops are noticeable only when I start track manually, there are no pops when tracks are…