• Cirrus Logic Audio Card / Raspberry Pi 2 / Jack / Mono Ports

    Hi all


    I got my PI working with a kernel build as described in https://github.com/CirrusLogic/rpi-linux/wiki/Building-the-code and the mmap-Patch applied.


    /usribn/jackd -alsa -Dhw:sndrpiwsp -r44100


    I see these…

  • Pi 2 in the future?  Please?

    On the box and on the sales material it says the audio I/O card is available for rev B and onwards. This is incorrect. Current 2 versions do not have the 5-pin header needed and have an expanded GPIO connector. Is there a revision of the audio board in…

  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card Enclosure for Pi Model B+ / Pi 2 Model B

    Hello, I was recently making a research about an enclosure option for the Raspberry Pi Model B+ with the Cirrus Logic audio card but I couldn't really find anything. I was wondering if any of you could have seen something that might work? I own the Pi…

  • Real time playback of digital audio signal from Cirrus Audio Card SPDIF input through Raspberry Pi USB DAC

    Dear Sirs,

    Is real time play back of digital audio signal recieved through the SPDIF input of the Cirrus Audio Card through an USB DAC connected to the Raspberry Pi possible?

    If yes, than what kind of OS version, drivers, software, patches or settings are…

  • Boosting Line Input of the Wolfson Audio Card as the Cirrus Logic

    Hi, I already see the comparison chart between the Wolfson Audio Card and the new Cirrus Logic.

    I liked the new one allows to connect more GPIOs because the new RPi B+ have more pins available.

    Since i still have the earlier Model B and the original Wolfson…

  • Wolfson/CIRRUS LOGIC AUDIO CARD  for RASPBERRY PI B+/A+ : power usage.

    Hi to all,


    I have ordered 2 of these cards and plan to experiment with them to create wireless battery operated sound systems.

    Although it should work, eventually, I do miss info on the power needs of this card at this moment.

    And I assume when we have got…

  • where are the source patch of the kernel 3.12.x ?



    I'm on pidora, I should like to compile the kernel with the driver of the wolfson audio card but I don't find the patch for the kernel 3.12, I finded just for the 3.10.

    Anybody knows where they are ?

  • raspberry pi  Wolfson Audio Card to identy sound signature

    how do i use Wolfson Audio Card to identy sound signature. I want to record some sound & compare with unkown to detect the match presantage like DTW function

  • Wolfson Audio Card--software interfaces

    I would like to know how to get to the record and playback audio buffers to I can put the audio data into UDP packets for transmission/reception off board via ethernet/IP.. If anyone knows how to get the the Rapian ethernet buffers, that would also be…

  • What's the Fuzz with the software download for the Wolfson Audio Card?

    Been trying since 6/15 to download:


    All IE, Firefox and Chrome get is 408MB


    Today I tried wget from the PI and get 408MB.


    Gave up on wget and tried curl, I get less, 398MB…

  • Wolfson card & HDMI



    Completely new to this fascinating world of Raspberry Pie, I have to pose a simple question: does the new Wolfson sound card improve the sound through HDMI, or do I need to use the jack connection?

    Thanks for answering....



  • Cirrus Logic - RPI 2 FFT on streaming audio

    Hi everyone,

    My current project is to run constant FFT on an audio stream and output the data to a 3D LED Array. Google 3D LED cubes if you don't know what they are. My cube is more of a rectangular prism, 24x8x8=1536 LED's. I am new to the world of PI…

  • Use as a guitar pedal.

    I was hoping to use the Cirrus board as a digital effects guitar pedal. I was planning on using line in and line out since the connections make things very simple. However, I have run into some problems with the line out to guitar amplifier connection…

  • Expansion header:  Can the i2c of expansion header pin be customize using

    Because I want to use i2c interface to control others device for expansion header pin on cirrus logic audio card. so the i2c interface be  using? 



  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card Comparison Table[1]


    Audio Card

    Cirrus Logic

    Audio Card


    Raspberry Pi Model A and B



    Raspberry Pi Model A+ and B+



    Technical Features

    26pin GPIO Connector



    40pin GPIO Connector



    Back powering Raspberry Pi




  • Wolfson Audio Card Data Sheets (WM5102, WM8804, WM7220)

    Click on the links below to get the appropriate data sheet:


    Important Note: Please be aware that the Wolfson Audio Card is only compatible with Raspberry Pis which feature the P5 pads, which can…

  • Mike Powell introduces the NEW Cirrus Logic Audio Card at electronica 2014

  • Can you hear the Wolf(son) calling? Setting up and using the Wolfson Audio Card


    This audio card will push your Pi.


    The Wolfson Audio CardWolfson Audio Card has taken a good amount of time to come forth from Wolfson Microelectronics and with decent reason. They want to make sure that they have it right and something that you can work…

  • Problems flashing system image

    The size of a sd card is not fixed - a 8GB card can contain less than 7.5 GB - and you normally don't see this. Flashing the image on such a card needs a lot of time and ends up with an error message and a unbootable card. Please shrink the system image…