• Cirrus Logic Audio Card / Raspberry Pi 2 / Jack / Mono Ports

    Hi all


    I got my PI working with a kernel build as described in https://github.com/CirrusLogic/rpi-linux/wiki/Building-the-code and the mmap-Patch applied.


    /usribn/jackd -alsa -Dhw:sndrpiwsp -r44100


    I see these…

  • Use of free GPIO ports

    Are there any free GPIO ports that I can use? If so, which ones?


    What would be the best way to use them? Soldering?



  • Can I use BattBorg with the Cirrus Logic Audio Card?

    I would like to use PiBorg's BattBorg from https://www.piborg.org/battborg with the Cirrus Logic Audio Card on a Raspberry Pi 2. Does the CLAC pass through the two 5V power pins and the ground pin needed to use the BattBorg? If not, is there some…

  • cirrus logic audio card/ raspberry pi 2

    I am trying to run the cirrus logic audio card with the raspberry Pi 2 and it seems that there is still problem with kernel, any suggestion?

  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card Enclosure for Pi Model B+ / Pi 2 Model B

    Hello, I was recently making a research about an enclosure option for the Raspberry Pi Model B+ with the Cirrus Logic audio card but I couldn't really find anything. I was wondering if any of you could have seen something that might work? I own the Pi…

  • Real time playback of digital audio signal from Cirrus Audio Card SPDIF input through Raspberry Pi USB DAC

    Dear Sirs,

    Is real time play back of digital audio signal recieved through the SPDIF input of the Cirrus Audio Card through an USB DAC connected to the Raspberry Pi possible?

    If yes, than what kind of OS version, drivers, software, patches or settings are…

  • Raspberry Pi 2 and Cirrus Logic Audio Card - Does it work? Mine doesn't...

    Today I received my new Rpi 2 and sound card.


    First I tried to install OpenElec from my windows PC on a SD-card, which worked fine (no use of sound card of course).


    Then I updated it with a .tar from Index of /~hias/tmp/openelec-wolfson


    It just showed a…

  • Cirrus Logic card as SPDIF DAC

    Hello, Can the Cirrus Logic audio card take an SPDIF input from an external source and play it on the analogue outputs?  If so, is there likely to be much latency?  Does the audio data have to pass through the Raspberry Pi or can this be handled by the…

  • Cirrus Logic - RPI 2 FFT on streaming audio

    Hi everyone,

    My current project is to run constant FFT on an audio stream and output the data to a 3D LED Array. Google 3D LED cubes if you don't know what they are. My cube is more of a rectangular prism, 24x8x8=1536 LED's. I am new to the world of PI…

  • Use as a guitar pedal.

    I was hoping to use the Cirrus board as a digital effects guitar pedal. I was planning on using line in and line out since the connections make things very simple. However, I have run into some problems with the line out to guitar amplifier connection…

  • Expansion header:  Can the i2c of expansion header pin be customize using

    Because I want to use i2c interface to control others device for expansion header pin on cirrus logic audio card. so the i2c interface be  using? 



  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card Comparison Table[1]


    Audio Card

    Cirrus Logic

    Audio Card


    Raspberry Pi Model A and B



    Raspberry Pi Model A+ and B+



    Technical Features

    26pin GPIO Connector



    40pin GPIO Connector



    Back powering Raspberry Pi




  • DIY Kernel: CirrusLogic's "Build the Code" Instructions Don't Work

    I just bought a new copy of the Cirrus Logic Audio Card.  I'm still waiting on delivery of the quadcore Pi 2, so my fallback option is to start off using it on my B+.


    Rather than downloading and installing the Cirrus Audio linux os image, I'd prefer…

  • Mike Powell introduces the NEW Cirrus Logic Audio Card at electronica 2014

  • Creating independent I/O devices from left and right channels



    I am trying to use two microphones and two speakers connected to the cirrus card that will need to be used by different applications (i.e. one application using left channel of the mic/speaker and another application using the right channel of the…

  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card working on the Raspberry Pi 2

    Hi all!


    As you might know, Cirrus Logic's main kernel source branch recently switched to 3.18.

    My first thought was "Hmm, that means the Cirrus Logic card could finally work on the RPi2..."

    I have built a couple of 3.18 kernels for my B+ and…

  • Issues with arecord command

    I'm not sure if it's related to the card (maybe I installed it wrong or something), but I was wondering if anyone on here could help me out.

    I'm having some mixed results with the arecord command in the terminal. The hardware I'm using consists…

  • Cirrus Audio Board on RPI 2

    Hi All,


    Since there is till now no Kernel 3.18 with driver for the Cirrus Audio Board available did somebody managed to geth the SPDIF output working? Since the SPDIF interface is based on the Wolfson WM8804 is already comes with an build in module for…

  • microphones and the cirrus audio card

    I want to use stereo electret condenser microphones with this card. They need a a bias voltage (Plug in Power) of around 5V.


    The Wolfson only included mono microphone support through the Mic in plug.


    The comparison table for the Cirrus says it supports…

  • High Quality (HD) Audio and Video Recorder using the Raspberry Pi

    Hello all. I'm new to the Raspberry Pi (just got my first Pi, an RPi 3 Model B). I am looking to create an high-quality audio+video recorder out of my Raspberry Pi. (In a way, I'm basically trying to make a camcorder.) I want to add the Raspberry Pi Camera…

  • SPDIF recording problems on the Cirrus Logic audio card

    Hello forum, ...


    I try to set up a recording system that captures hours of audio on SPDIF. Unfortunately it makes me hard days.

    I use the default image file, and get the same results with and without the kernel updates.


    - Audacity records sometimes even…