• Enocean Pi Layout/Pinout description???

    Hello all,


    I'm looking for the pinout description of enocean pi module( EnOcean Pi: Transforms Raspberry Pi into a Wireless Gateway ). I want to design an addon board for my rPi which will hold enocean pi and a few other peripherals.

    Is the RX TX and…

  • Raspberry Pi with EnOcean Pi and EnOcean USB 300

    Good afternoon,


    I was wondering if anyone would kindly help me with an issue.


    I bought an EnOcean USB 300 and an EnOcean Pi, to try and get either to work with a Raspberry Pi. I have been following the official instructions until it came to these commands…

  • Temperature sensor (902 mhz) with raspberry pi (FHEM) reads inverse of actual temp,i.e., 0 deg. C read 40 deg. C and vice versa.  How correct this?

    I must be overlooking something.  As temperature goes up sensor values as reported by FMEM go down.  EEP is A5:02:05.  Help.

  • Swimming in EnOcean with the Switch Design Kit

    Taking a Dip into EnOcean

    I was first introduced to EnOcean with the Forget Me Not Design Challenge (and then with the Pi IoT Design Challenge), EnOcean provided very interesting and useful hardware as part of the design competition kit. The kit included…

  • Pin 18 of Enocean Pi not connected to ground?

    Hello element14,

    Today I was checking the connections of my Enocean Pi module hardware. When I checked whether all the grounds are interconnected on the enocean pi board, I found that in my board Pin 18 of TCM310x hardware is not connected to any other…