• Failing to understand the display race condition



    I am having problems understanding how to resolve/work around the PFC update race condition that leads to the garbled screen. I am using the python3 libraries, and have made sure I am back at 700Mhz.


    The code can be found in github : https://github…

  • Compatible with B+?

    Is this compatible with Raspberry Pi model B+?

    If it is, are there any cases that'd hold it with B+?

  • Is it possibile to use Piface CAD and wolfson audio card in the same time?

    Hi guys,

    I'm planning to buy Wolfson audio card for my rpi, and play with volumio (http://volumio.org).

    I'm interested also in PiFace CAD; is there a way to make those two product work together?

    Thanks, bye bye!

  • Is there a transparent plastic case for the iFace CAD?

    Is there a plastic case?

  • Piface CAD & RaspBMC


    ich bin verzweifelt auf der Suche nach einer Lösung.

    Ich habe ein Raspberry Pi Mod. B 512MB und habe mir das Piface Control & Display dazu gekauft, um den Raspberry um einen IR-Empfänger und ein Display zu erweitern. Ich habe RaspBMC installiert.…

  • IR sensor of which frequency is used in PiFace CAD ???

    I Just wanted to know that of what frequency IR sensor is used in PiFace CAD ???

  • Is there a schematic for the PiFace interface board

    Got my PiFace working straight away..  I'd like to have a proper schematic like the one that came with my Raspberry-Pi.



  • is there a working example of ir and pifacecad radio.py

    I have pifacecad and an ir control.  This connects and generates the expected characters.    However when I try to use it with the radio.py example I get no response.   Does anyone have a working example of all the files (radio.py radiolircrc etc)   It is driving…

  • PIFACECAD : how to handle keys events btw 2 scripts ?

    Hi all,


    Proud new owner of a PiFace CAD, I'm trying to create a script that would "rule them all"... like a tiny OS... I explain

    I'm trying to create a main script that would give a "menu like interface" using the Question Method, easily…

  • Kernel module to enable



    I'm trying to get pifacecad working on raspbmc.

    I have installed python3-pifacecad from raspbian repositories, but when I try to launch the example script /usr/share/doc/python3-pifacecad/examples/sysinfo.py i'm getting the error "No PiFace Control…

  • What GPIO pins are used by the Piface CAD shield?



    I want to use the Pyface CAD shield together with other things. It probably isn't using all the pins.


    But which ones does it use and which could I divert to other things? Most importantly are the pins for any of the UARTs free?





    PS: It…

  • Weather sample

    There's a 60 second update time written into the code but is not used.  How does this sample display updates ?   Does it update at all, even?

  • No Module found error

    I've followed the instructions at Installation — PiFace Control and Display (CAD) 2.0.6 documentation to install the libraries an example code. When I try to run the sys info example, using python3 /usr/share/doc/python3-pifacecad/examples/sysinfo…

  • Piface CAD - Event/Interrupt for keys

    Have you successfully writen a python script supporting the switch event from the PiFace CAD?

    I can't get it to work.

    The display is fine, and I can poll the state of the switches satisfactorily.

    Also no success with infrared events, although again the…

  • Take Control with exclusive PiFace(TM) and SHIM accessories for the Raspberry Pi from element14

    2 October 2014, element14 and the team that designed the PiFace TM has launched a new series of exclusive Raspberry Pi accessories and updated the popular PiFace Digital and Control & Display following the launch of the Raspberry Pi model B+ this July…

  • Hollywood Camera Effect comes to element14 thanks to PiFace Control and Display

    Yesterday the media lab in our Leeds office was taken over by a strange TARDIS looking pod.  People walking past seemed very interested in the flurry of activity going on within the strange structure.  It was actually Andrew Robinson of PiFacePiFace fame…

  • Your Questions for Andrew Robinson

    Dr Andrew Robinson, creator of the PiFace Control and DisplayPiFace Control and Display is visiting the element14 offices tomorrow and has kindly agreed to answer your questions about the PiFace DigitalPiFace Digital, Control and Display and also the…

  • The beginnings of PiFace Control & Display...

    When I needed a new radio in the kitchen I naturally thought of building an Internet radio with a Raspberry Pi. Being a somewhat messy eater, I didn't want a monitor, mouse and keyboard in the kitchen. I wanted to see what I was listening too, and be…

  • Time Lapse Camera With The PiFace Control And Display For Raspberry Pi

    LAST WEEK the team at PiFace Digital unveiled this epic project, which used the Control and DisplayControl and Display to create a bullet time effect using a number of Raspberry Pi camerasRaspberry Pi cameras, boards and control units. Whilst this project…

  • Creating A Bullet Time Effect Using Raspberry Pi

    So what do you get when you combine 48 Raspberry Pis48 Raspberry Pis, 48 PiFace Control and DisplaysPiFace Control and Displays, 48 Pi Cameras48 Pi Cameras and half a kilometer of network cable? The answer is your own DIY bullet time camera rig and arguably…

  • PiFace Control & Display: Onto the concept and design

    From the initial design sketch a specification began to emerge. Top of the list it had to be easy to use. Despite not using a full keyboard I wanted the user to find it easy to interact with the Raspberry Pi. Selecting a menu option needed to take seconds…

  • PiFace Control and Display 1 vs 2


    what is the difference between  PiFace Control and Display version 1 and PiFace Control and Display version 2 ?