• Use of free GPIO ports

    Are there any free GPIO ports that I can use? If so, which ones?


    What would be the best way to use them? Soldering?



  • How to install Scipy on Ragnar's image.



    I have Ragnar's 2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbianW installed on my RPi.

    I want to use Scipy for Real time sound analysis but I fail to install it.

    I tried:

    sudo easy_install scipy    # Installed for about one hour then failed that it cannot import numpy.distutils…

  • cirrus logic audio card/ raspberry pi 2

    I am trying to run the cirrus logic audio card with the raspberry Pi 2 and it seems that there is still problem with kernel, any suggestion?

  • Raspberry Pi 2 and Cirrus Logic Audio Card - Does it work? Mine doesn't...

    Today I received my new Rpi 2 and sound card.


    First I tried to install OpenElec from my windows PC on a SD-card, which worked fine (no use of sound card of course).


    Then I updated it with a .tar from Index of /~hias/tmp/openelec-wolfson


    It just showed a…

  • Wolfson/CIRRUS LOGIC AUDIO CARD  for RASPBERRY PI B+/A+ : power usage.

    Hi to all,


    I have ordered 2 of these cards and plan to experiment with them to create wireless battery operated sound systems.

    Although it should work, eventually, I do miss info on the power needs of this card at this moment.

    And I assume when we have got…

  • How to control the volume in mpd ?

    I play sound threw the lineout output of the wolfson audio card with mpd, but i don't succeed to control the volume by mpd.


    mpd is configured like that

    audio_output {

        type        "alsa"

        name        "woflson"

        mixer_type     "hardware"


  • Wolfson: can't record with the SPDIF IN / impossible d'enregistrer avec la prise SPDIF IN




    J'ai acheté et installé une carte son Wolfson sur mon Raspberry Pi B, puis installé le Master contenant les drivers et logiciels et fichiers de démonstrations sur ma carte SD.


    -La lecture de fichiers FLAC fonctionne très bien (avec…

  • What are the left GPIOS when using Wolfson Audio Card ?

    I would like to use some gpios for my stuff beside using the wolson audio card, but I can not find which are the GPIO that are still available.


    Can some one help me about this ?


    Best Regards

  • Raspberry Pi Power from Wolson Audio Card

    Is there a way to power the Raspberry Pi from the power jack of the class D amplifier included in the WAC, it will be nice that if you want to drive loud speakers with the WAC just provide power thru the power jack on the card and then transfer it to…

  • unable to get good comms from serial with raspberry pi....

    I have followed these steps:

    carefully followed the instructions for disabling login via the Pi's serial port. Then I disabled the Pi's boot messages (out to the serial port), shut down the system, set the jumpers to connect the Pi's serial transmit line…

  • overrun on arecord

    I'm trying to do some recordings from the Wolfson audio card. I tried both the SPDIF in and the Line In, and I'm getting every 45 sec or so a overrun on arecord. They last from 20 ms to 60 ms.

    Anyone knows why is that? How to fix it?


    The SD card…

  • Why does the Wolfson Audio Card use two I2C buses?

    I want to use my Pi with Wolfson card as a headless recording device, so I need some buttons and status LEDs.  While researching how to do this I found out that the I2C bus can have multiple devices on it including I/O expanders, but this leaves me with…

  • PJSIP/PJSUA with Wolfson audio card

    I am trying to get a SIP client running on my PI with Wolfson audio card.


    I can use aplay and arecord, work great but when I set up a call with PJSUA I get the following errors:


    07:14:34.698pjsua_app.c  ..Turning sound device ON
    07:14:34.698pjsua_aud.c  .…
  • AEC / DSP code on Wolfson audio card for Pi

    I have successfully compiled the Kernel and have the Wolfson audio card for Pi up and running. Took some time but I am quite happy with the audio quality.


    Now, I would like to use the WM5102 with acoustic echo cancellation. According to the data sheet…

  • GPIO pins

    I wanted to use this for a HiFi project, but it seems to use all the GPIO pins, and I need more pins for IR reciever and a small LCD screen, is this impossible or is there a way around it?

  • Cirrus Logic - RPI 2 FFT on streaming audio

    Hi everyone,

    My current project is to run constant FFT on an audio stream and output the data to a 3D LED Array. Google 3D LED cubes if you don't know what they are. My cube is more of a rectangular prism, 24x8x8=1536 LED's. I am new to the world of PI…

  • Take Control with exclusive PiFace(TM) and SHIM accessories for the Raspberry Pi from element14

    2 October 2014, element14 and the team that designed the PiFace TM has launched a new series of exclusive Raspberry Pi accessories and updated the popular PiFace Digital and Control & Display following the launch of the Raspberry Pi model B+ this July…

  • DIY Kernel: CirrusLogic's "Build the Code" Instructions Don't Work

    I just bought a new copy of the Cirrus Logic Audio Card.  I'm still waiting on delivery of the quadcore Pi 2, so my fallback option is to start off using it on my B+.


    Rather than downloading and installing the Cirrus Audio linux os image, I'd prefer…

  • Can you hear the Wolf(son) calling? Setting up and using the Wolfson Audio Card


    This audio card will push your Pi.


    The Wolfson Audio CardWolfson Audio Card has taken a good amount of time to come forth from Wolfson Microelectronics and with decent reason. They want to make sure that they have it right and something that you can work…

  • Getting up and running with the Gertduino

    The Raspberry Pi has definitely changed the way I develop for certain projects, and up until now, I have mostly used the little green board as a computing platform and have not ventured into using its GPIO pins very much.  This is mainly because I have…

  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card working on the Raspberry Pi 2

    Hi all!


    As you might know, Cirrus Logic's main kernel source branch recently switched to 3.18.

    My first thought was "Hmm, that means the Cirrus Logic card could finally work on the RPi2..."

    I have built a couple of 3.18 kernels for my B+ and…

  • Using the Wolfson inputs for more than one application

    Hello, I'm working on a project where I stream the audio inputs of the Wolfson audio card to a Darkice instance. I want to be able to dump the raw material of what is streamed, but as far as I know Darkice only allows to dump the encoded in lossy format…

  • PiFaceCAD Looping Hello_Video Project

    Hello all. I'm somewhat of a NOOB to the Pi and the PiFace (more the PiFace than anything).


    I'm working on a project that is based on this projects:raspi_video_loop - xuv's notebook where I'm using hello_video for a looping display.