• How can I set the SPDIF Out of a Wolfson card for 48KHz output

    Just registered and after a long research...


    The set:

    • Wolfson card on Raspberry Pi B
    • Volumio 1.55 with the patch of Ragnar
    • Yamaha RX-V595RDS
    • very cheap cinch auido cable, about 1.5m (for sure not a chance to be 75 Ohm)
    • some mp3, FLAC files


    The history:

    • Headset…
  • Pi 2 in the future?  Please?

    On the box and on the sales material it says the audio I/O card is available for rev B and onwards. This is incorrect. Current 2 versions do not have the 5-pin header needed and have an expanded GPIO connector. Is there a revision of the audio board in…

  • How to install Scipy on Ragnar's image.



    I have Ragnar's 2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbianW installed on my RPi.

    I want to use Scipy for Real time sound analysis but I fail to install it.

    I tried:

    sudo easy_install scipy    # Installed for about one hour then failed that it cannot import numpy.distutils…

  • Wolfson Audio Card Linux Image Kernel



    Lot of people know that building a new kernel from github is quit very long and difficult.It would be very nice from some of you, if it was possible to post from time to time your kernel img with the "loadables" drivers, i would be quit nice.…

  • WOLFSON card: Is it possible to have the output in 5.1?

    I would like to watch my movies in 5.1 (mkv files), but it seems that I only have stereo output.

    Isn't the multichannel passtrough supported?


    Thank you for your help



  • Troubles with Transcoding to FLAC

    Hey folks,


    I have a (hopefully) fairly basic question about recording and transcoding here. I want to record from the line in on my Wolfson audio card at 24/192/2ch and transcode that to a flac file. I can do this fine at 16 bits/sample, but when I crank…

  • How to control the volume in mpd ?

    I play sound threw the lineout output of the wolfson audio card with mpd, but i don't succeed to control the volume by mpd.


    mpd is configured like that

    audio_output {

        type        "alsa"

        name        "woflson"

        mixer_type     "hardware"


  • how to use a lcd 16x2 screen when wolfson card plugged



    I'm looking for plug this screen http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1703159.pdf from adafruit but i have already a wolfson card plugged.

    How to recover the gpio port ?



  • humming noise from Wolfson audio card when HDMI is *unplugged*

    I just got my wolfson card today and in principle I'm quite happy with it. Getting it to work (with a custom Volumio 1.5 image from the forums) was largely uneventful. The sound (lineout connected to my stereo) is fantastic. However, as soon as I disconnect…

  • HQ Audio Recording/Network Distribution Questions

    Hey folks,


    I'm working on a project where my Wolfson card is going to take high bit rate (HBR) (24 bit/192 kHz) audio in and then passes that stream out to the network for other RPi/Wolfson units to play the music out to local speakers. I have been doing…

  • How to Process the Live audio

    My project needs to process the audio lively( threshold the audio) and save the samples that are above a threshold.

    Is there any way to access the raw audio and process it in the memory.

    I've Wolfson audio card and RasperryPi Model B.


    Any suggestions…

  • Duplex on Wolfson card

    For a project, I need to generate a sound on the Wolfson card and retrieve a signal from the line in.


    When I run aplay sounds/output.wav the sound plays correctly.


    When I run arecord -r 192000 -d 3 input.wav the input is recorded correctly.


    However when…

  • where are the source patch of the kernel 3.12.x ?



    I'm on pidora, I should like to compile the kernel with the driver of the wolfson audio card but I don't find the patch for the kernel 3.12, I finded just for the 3.10.

    Anybody knows where they are ?

  • Experiencing digital niose with Wolfson

    I installed my newly purchased Wolfson sound card onto the Rasberry PI and after lots of messing around with drivers that don't support the current branch of debian linux (disappointed with the lack of support here) I finally have sound.


    Whilst the…

  • raspberry pi  Wolfson Audio Card to identy sound signature

    how do i use Wolfson Audio Card to identy sound signature. I want to record some sound & compare with unkown to detect the match presantage like DTW function

  • No audio output anymore - card maybe fried?



    up until recently, my Wolfson Pi audio card worked flawlessly with all the AIF1 audio outputs (I didn't test the SPDIF output). Now since I came back from vacation, audio output doesn't work anymore. I can record things from the DMIC and Line in just…

  • How can I use LIRC With Rpi & Wolfson

    I tried to disabled sieral & UART in order to use LIRC with GPIO15 instead of GPIO18(P1-10 instead of P1-12).

    I succed when i do not connect with wolfson,but when i pluged wolfson in to Rpi and powered Rpi

    I got an error。

    Can anybody give me a method…

  • Can the sample rate be increased from 192kHz?

    What limits the microphone in sample rate to 192kHz? 


    Is there any way of increasing it?  If so, how would I do this?


    Many thanks.

  • Wolfson Audio Card--software interfaces

    I would like to know how to get to the record and playback audio buffers to I can put the audio data into UDP packets for transmission/reception off board via ethernet/IP.. If anyone knows how to get the the Rapian ethernet buffers, that would also be…

  • Rasberry pi B + Wolfson DAC no audio



    I'm trying to get volumio running on my rasberry pi B (original) and I cannot seem to get any audio out of the system, line out or headphones.


    I'm currently just using the disk image that volumio provides as their build -- not sure what OS they…

  • DMIC - audio volume is exteremly low - bad card?

    I followed the instructions here (link) to set up the DMIC mics for max gain with high pass filtering to prevent DC bias.


    I can get sound, but it is extremely faint.  In audacity, I basically see a straight line with a few bumps on it.


    Other things seem…

  • Capturing and processing audio input with Python

    Experienced Python on XP, linux noob here.


    I need a remote audio analyser I can network to. I have been pointed at the Wolfson card to add to my Pi (not really used the Pi properly yet, need a project to get stuck into it). Before I buy it, I presume I…

  • live streaming with wolfson and darkice - update and query

    Hi all


    Thanks very much to Ragnar et al for help with this so far.




    We successfully set up high quality live audio streaming to a remote server, using darkice and the Wolfson soundcard. For anyone encountering the issues we had: we had persistent …

  • Sprung connectors do not align with P5?

    Hi everyone, I just bought a Wolfson Audio Card to use with a Raspberry Pi Model B. I'm trying to follow the instructions on the Wolfson manual, but when I insert the audio card in the main GPIO header, the sprung connectors do not align properly with…

  • Wolfson: can't record with the SPDIF IN / impossible d'enregistrer avec la prise SPDIF IN




    J'ai acheté et installé une carte son Wolfson sur mon Raspberry Pi B, puis installé le Master contenant les drivers et logiciels et fichiers de démonstrations sur ma carte SD.


    -La lecture de fichiers FLAC fonctionne très bien (avec…