• Introducing New Raspberry Pi Pico W the $6 IoT Platform

    Introducing the New Raspberry Pi Pico W, the upgraded Raspberry Pi Pico now with Wireless.


    Raspberry Pi Pico W

    $6 for a board to rival the ESP8266?  
    The Raspberry Pi Foundation's own $4 board uses their own RP2040 microcontroller, built on TSMC’s 40nm…

  • Raspberry Pi 7'' touchscreen display hardware reference



    I am using the official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display and I was wondering if there are any hardware references about the touchscreen display kit and the paralell display (pixel clock, timings, sync lenghts), or just a serial number for the…

  • Raspberry Pi RP2040 Silicon sells for only $1

    We are excited to announce that the Raspberry Pi RP2040 is now available in single-unit quantities for only $1 per chip, allowing you to build your own projects and products on Raspberry Silicon.


    RP2040 - 500 Chips on 7" Tape RP2040 - 500 Chips on…

  • Raspberry Pi Pico

    Raspberry Pi Pico


    Buy NowBuy Now


    We are very excited to introduce the all new Raspberry Pi Pico, a tiny, $4, MicroPython and C/C++ board with custom RP2040 silicon.

    This is the first product from the Raspberry Pi Foundation…

  • pi-top [4] Unboxing - Karen meets the pi-top 4!

    Our intrepid STEM Academy explorer and element14 presents Host, Karen ( VCP Biography: Karen ) Unboxes the new pi-top [4].

    First of all what even is a pi-top [4]?

    "pi-top [4] Complete and pi-top [4] DIY Edition are at the heart of a new game-changing,…

  • 4 New Raspberry Pi RoadTests - Review Raspberry Pi For Free

    Are you a Raspberry Pi fan looking to get test some more accessories or are you a parent wanting to introduce your child to the world of Raspberry Pi?

    We are giving away Raspberry Pi and kit in 4 different RoadTests & Reviews.

    Check out the 4 different…

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Unboxing


  • #WorldOfPi - How has Raspberry Pi Impacted YOUR world?

    Hey Gang!


    With the Raspberry Pi Birthday coming up soon, we are working on rounding up all the good Raspberry Pi is doing in the world and how it has impacted people’s lives.


    I want to hear how Raspberry Pi has impacted YOUR world.


    How has it shaped your…

  • Great Raspberry Pi Projects Around element14 to Ring in Pi Day


    Pi Day has come once again, where engineers and makers come together to celebrate the popular SBC. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year’s SXSW expo has been canceled, and with it, the Foundation’s Pi Day festivities. With that said…