• Looking for help on this LCD

    I am wishing to connect this LCD to a Raspberry Pi using it's LCD interface. I have the data sheet at http://www.beyondinfinite.com/lcd/Library/Hannstar/HSD160PHW1-A.pdf. Can someone point me in the right direction or tell me if this is way off the…

  • Raspberry Pi B+ and PiFace Digital 2 (Not Detected)

    Hi all,


    I have just bought a Piface digital 2 and followed all the steps to install it which I have been able to do.

    When I run the GUI on the new Rasbian (Feb 2015) all my Pi reports in the command line is that my PiFace has not been detected?

    Can Anyone…

  • Microstack Accelerometer Accessory Board for Pi

    Hi all,


    Has anybody had any luck getting the 'Microstack Accelerometer Accessory Board' working with the Raspberry Pi please? I got the baseboard along with the GPS and the accelerometer at the same time and I have the GPS working now but I just can't…

  • I Need Help connecting an adafruit touchscreen to my pi B+

    I am building a PiPhone and can't figure out what cable will connect my adafruit touchscreen to my raspberry pi B+.  Please help me!!!! @Pi

  • What battery to use for portable RPi?

    I was planning on making an RPi robot, wireless, of course, and i was wondering what type of battery or battery pack to use (size, voltage, amperage, etc). It would also be helpful to know if i should wire it directly to a male micro usb cable to plug…

  • I need some advice on Raspberry Pi for my son who is interested in Robotics.

    My son is interested in Robotics. He is 15 and has already worked on Raspberry Pi with some friends at school. I would like to get him a Robotics starter kit to begin doing his own projects at home, but I have no clue about this stuff. So I was told to…

  • Raspberry Pi only red LED burn and no screen



    I bought a raspberry pi model b. It work well before. After 3 weeks the Pi stopped working. When I take off the power and start-up the only led that burns is the red one. There is no mouse or keybord activity, there's is even no screen. I reinstalled…

  • New to the pi world

    So I've been scouring the internet for stuff to do with my new pi for about a week now and I've decided that what I need to do is get a small display with no audio, a compact laptop battery, and a compact keyboard. Then proceed to boot  with out…

  • Raspberry Pi - Raspbian Real Time Kernel


    I am trying to make Raspbian kernel to support real time and to do that I cloned the latest kernel from raspbian github repository and applied rt patch for 3.10.25-rt23(https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/projects/rt/3.10/).

    Ifollowed this link…

  • NAS mount on RPi

    Hello community,


    I am having an impossible time trying to permanently connect my NAS to the RPi.


    The RPi can see and connect to the NAS through the 'FileManager' menu Go>Network,like this:


    Trying to use 'sudo mount' or adding an entry to the …

  • Piface Digital 1 disrupted, but needed to fit in Piface Rack 26 pins GPIO

    The Piface Digital 1 seems to be disrupted, but i need it to fit in Piface Rack 26 pins GPIO. Could the RPI customization service do something?

    Could it be rebuilt?

    Please note that lot of questions in the forums are on this with no answer.

  • Raspberry Pi 7'' touchscreen display hardware reference



    I am using the official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display and I was wondering if there are any hardware references about the touchscreen display kit and the paralell display (pixel clock, timings, sync lenghts), or just a serial number for the…

  • Raspberry Pi Switch???



          I am looking to put a switch on my raspberry pi so I don't have to keep unpluging and pluging in my raspberry pi. I found switches, but their outputs are 7 volts and the raspberry pi only needs 5 volts. I has two questions....



                   1) If I input…

  • Raspberry Pi Camera Board

    BUY NOWBUY NOWTechnical DocumentsVideoFeaturesKit Contents


    The Raspberry Pi Camera Module is a custom designed add-on for Raspberry Pi. It attaches to Raspberry Pi by way of one of the two small sockets on the board upper surface. This interface…

  • How to connect Raspberry PI to Laptop/ Computer????

    Now very Important Step to configure raspberry pi in laptop/computer.


    Now disconnect every connection and do as follow:

    1. Connect the raspberry to laptop through Ethernet cable

    2. Power on the raspberry Pi by inserting USB cable to it and wait for some…

  • A Date with the Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B)

    I'd have to thank element14, especially for this "mystery date" which turned up on my doorstep unannounced.



    I've done some comparisons, benchmarks and high-resolution photographs on my blog here: Valentine’s Day: A Date with…

  • System to remotely control and monitor Raspberry Pis without needing VPN, static IP or DynDNS. Feedback please?


    I'm building a platform (www.dataplicity.com) that lets you monitor your Raspberry Pi's vitals (through a pre-set dashboard), control its GPIOs remotely through a web browser or a mobile device, and remotely connect to your Pi with an SSH-like…

  • Raspberry Pi B+ In Pictures

    My Raspberry Pi B+ arrived yesterday so I thought I'd take a few photos of both the B+ and the changes but also how existing boars do do not fit the B+ design!


    PI+  Full Frontal


    B+ Network (now with Blinkin' Lights) and the all important 4 USB port…

  • Raspberry Pi enters the phone wars with PiPhone, a cheap DIY alternative

    David Hunt’s DIY PiPhone. (via DavidHunt)

    There are literally thousands of Raspberry Pi projects that have been posted on the internet since the device was introduced to the market as a learning tool way back in 2012 and while some border on the mundane…

  • Internet Controlled Whoopee Cushion

    Let’s have a little fun. Let’s turn a raspberry pi into an Internet controlled whoopee cushion.

    So, the idea is pretty simple.  We run a server program on the raspberry pi.  This program will respond to commands that we send it.  In this case, we only need…

  • My Raspberry Camera Module Photography Competition Entry

    When I saw this competition back in May, I thought: "June 14, that's heaps of time!".  Now time is nearly up.


    I got to work on my entry this afternoon after reading through some of the other entries.  I knew that I was always going to take…

  • Tutorial on How to control an electrovalve with a Raspberry PI from my website

    We have published a simple to tutorial on how to connect an electrovalve to a Raspberry Pi and control it through a web page.


    You can find the tutorial here https://www.carriots.com/tutorials/raspberrypi_carriots/electrovalve with all the source code you…

  • Pi Rack Connect Four Challenge

    I used a Raspberry Pi along with a PiRack, a Raspberry Pi camera module, a portion of a Pi Cobbler Kit, and a white LED to create a document camera for use in a high school classroom.  Document cameras typically cost hundreds of dollars.  Public school…