CY8CKIT-044 PSoC® 4 M-Series Pioneer Kit

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The PSoC 4 M-Series Pioneer Kit is a low-cost platform enabling design and debug of PSoC 4 M-Series devices.image


The PSoC 4 M-Series Pioneer Kit features the new PSoC 4200M device - an ARM® Cortex®-M0 CPU with 128KB Flash, 55 GPIOs and new peripherals including RTC, CAN and a DMA controller. The kit features an innovative CapSense Gesture Pad designed to support swipe and circular gestures. The kit also includes two CapSense Proximity headers. The kit features a set of on-board sensors, including an Ambient Light Sensor, a 3-Axis Accelerometer and a Temperature Sensor. The kit also has an on-board RGB LED, a user-button and a 1-Mbit Cypress F-RAM device. Additionally, the kit has headers for Arduino shields, Digilent Pmods and Raspberry Pi enabling you to use a variety of 3rd party modules.


This kit also Includes a free one-month license of Micirum's µC/Probe Professional Edition


Kit Contents:

  • CY8CKIT-044 PSoC 4 M-Series Pioneer Board
  • Quick start guide   
  • USB Standard A to Mini-B cable   
  • Four jumper wires (4 inch) and two proximity sensor wires (5 inch)


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