Analog Devices SOT89 RF-IF Evaluation Board

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Analog Devices’ SOT89 RF-IF  Evaluation Board lets users test the performance of the company’s high  performance Gain Blockc and Amplifiers. Included in the  kit;


  • RF IC product  overview brochure
  • Post card  outlining contents of the kit
  • 1 ADL5602  Evaluation Board, common board usable for all amps in  kit
  • 6 SOT-89 samples  (two samples each, individually bagged and  labeled)
    • ADL5601 Gain  Block
    • ADL5602 Gain  Block
    • ADL5320 ¼ W  Driver Amplifier
    • ADL5321 ¼ W  Driver Amplifier
    • ADL5535 IF Gain  Block
    • ADL5536 IF Gain  Block

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