Texas Instruments C2000 Digital Power Experimenter Kit (DPEK) and Blackhawk Emulator

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C2000 Digital Power Experimenter Kit (DPEK) is ideal for hardware or software design engineers who want to explore the concept of digital power supply design. The kit contains a 2-rail DC-DC evaluation board using TI PowerTrain modules, on-board digital multi-meter and active load for transient response tuning.


The DPEK also contains Code Composer Studio IDE v.3.3 C28x Free 32Kbyte Version, 9V power supply and a TMS320F2808-based controlCARD. The controlCARD is a complete board level module that utilizes and industry-standard DIMM form factor to provide a low-profiles single-board controller solution. C2000 application software with example code and full hardware details available. Digital Power Supply Workshop teaching material and lab software are also available.


TMS320 C28xx family

TI’s C28xx family consists of a Delfino high-performance floating point line and a low-cost Piccolo line. The C2000 series is notable for its high performance set of on-chip control peripherals including PWM, ADC, quadrature encoder modules, and capture modules. The series also contains support for I2C, SPI, serial (SCI), CAN, watchdog, McBSP, external memory interface and GPIO. Due to features like PWM waveform synchronization with the ADC unit, the C2000 line is well suited to many real-time control applications. The C2000 family commonly used for digital motor control and power conversion. A line of low cost kits for digital power, renewable energy and digital motor control allow experimentation with the MCU.


Blackhawk USB2000 Controller


Blackhawk  XDS560 and XDS510 JTAG Emulators for Texas Instruments (TI) DSPs are advanced, high-speed USB, PCI and LAN based products. Blackhawk Emulators support a wide array of Texas Instruments devices which include TMS320 C5000 Low Power DSPs, C6000 High Performance DSPs, Stellaris ARM® Cortex-based MCUs, Delfino and Piccolo C2000 32-bit Real-time MCUs, TMS470, OMAP Applications Processors, Sitara ARM Cortex A8 and ARM9, and DaVinci Video Processor platforms. Blackhawk JTAG emulators are compatible with Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) IDE software.

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