NXP EM773 Demonstration Kit

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The EM773 Demonstration kit is intended to demonstrate the features of NXP’s 32-bit ARM-based EM773 energy metering IC and allow users access to the chip’s functionality for evaluation purposes.


EM773 energy metering IC


NXP Semiconductors’ EM773 energy metering IC is a 32-bit ARM-based solution designed specifi cally for non-billing electricity metering applications. In recent years, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and smart meters have become popular with regulators and utilities as a means to introduce more sophisticated pricing models and tariffs, and incentivize customers to adjust their energy consumption accordingly. The NXP EM773 takes energy metering beyond this traditional billing context, by making it easy for system designers to integrate energy metering functionality into almost any type of device, and take information on electricity consumption more accessible and intuitive for the end user.

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