TI Piccolo Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit

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Hey RoadTesters--


We are pleased to announce our new RoadTest for Texas Instruments' Piccolo Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit. The Piccolo provides all the hardware and software you need to start experimenting and  developing a digitally controlled multi DC to DC LED lighting system. This  kit itself is based on the Piccolo microcontroller and the control CARD  development platform. The  C-2000-based MCU is able to directly control eight separate DC to DC power  stages, as well as up to eight LED strings of various LED types and string lengths.


The  kit’s graphical user interface allows engineers to quickly begin the evaluation  process by providing simplified control to adjust power stage current levels for  experimentation with brightness and color mixing. Additionally, the kit includes  closed loop, open source software examples for the control of the DC/DC power  stages and LED lighting stages. The kit’s hardware is also completely open  source, with the gerbers, schematics and BOMs all available for free.






Apply now for a chance to win one of these kits!

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  • I received the UPS package today :-)

    The UPS Postman had two attemps, because he didn't deliver it to my neighbor....


    Here are some first Impressions :-)



    Hope you enjoy it :-)

    Best regards, Stefan

  • Hey Guys--


    A quick note to let you know that all 3 units have shipped. You should be getting them very shortly. I hope you enjoy exploring the Piccolo, and we look forward to seeing your reviews here on element14! image



  • Awesome :-) Thank you very much!

    The Packet would already be here, if I was @home... looking forward to getting it.


    Best regards from Germany, Stefan ;-)

  • Hi Everyone.


    Thank you all for applying. This RoadTest is now closed. We are pleased to announce the following members have been selected to receive a TI Piccolo Color LED Kit:


    • stefan-xp
    • Tom Davies


    Congratulations! Your product will be shipped to the address each of you provided when you applied for this RoadTest. As a reminder, element14 and our supplier partners send these products free-of-charge because we place high value upon your unbiased, detailed product review. Please post your review back here within 3-6 weeks of receiving your item.


    For those who were not selected to win this product, we just launched a new RoadTest on the Wuerth Elektronik Design Kit w/DC1557A Demo Board:




    Enroll today, and good luck! image

  • Looks awesome :-)

    Would like to test ist ^^


    Best Regards,


  • hi  apaquadri, I wanted to touch base with you to make sure that you knew  that we've counted your application once and the team reported that the  issue was resolved.  Thanks so much for letting us and know about it and  please be sure to reach out in case of any further issues.
  • For more information, visit www.ti.com/c2000tools or www.ti.com/LED


    Other Downloads (PDF)...

  • After some searching here is a link to the product page at TI.



  • Hi apaquadri:  I have forward it to our tech team.  hopefully, they will be able to delete the extra entries for you.

  • hello I've just had some problems with the browser/internet connection and as you can see

    I have applied more than once to the road test, I hope some admin will fix this cause I have

    no ideea how to do it, thanks a lot.