Fluke 190 Series Oscilloscope

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This month, we are pleased to be giving away 3 Fluke 190 Series high-performance oscilloscopes. These scopes offer specifications usually found on top-end bench instruments. With up to 200 MHz bandwidth, 2.5 GS/s real-time sampling and a deep memory of 27,500 points per input they’re ideal for engineers who need the full capabilities of a high-performance scope in a handheld, battery-powered instrument.


Good luck!

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  • its very nice to have instrument like this when you work in electronics field.

  • Hi Sagar,


    Thanks for sharing the internal method used for selecting the testers.

    At the beginning of the Road Tests, when theat form came in, I read some like "put some content there" about the Reason for the Road Test field, but maybe things are evolving.


    Happy Holidays!

  • Hi Guys.


    Thanks so much to all of you for applying for this RoadTest. I'm really sorry about the delay in announcing winners on this one. We've been trying to post winners within a day or two of each RoadTest ending, but there were a couple of unforeseen events around this one which set us back a bit.


    I'd like to address the questions you have regarding how winners are selected. Initially, selection was quite a random process-- basically us here at element14 throwing proverbial darts against the wall and seeing which users we ended up with. A couple of problems emerged from this process, however--


    1. Some of the members who were selected had not provided complete shipping addresses to us
    2. Occasionally, a member would be selected more than once within a short amount of time
    3. We had no way of ensuring whether the winners would actually post their product reviews on element14 after evaluating the product


    Because of this, our selection process evolved into one in which we try to pick different members for each RoadTest manually. Our selection process now includes the following--


    1. We study the answer each applicant enters into the box about why they want to receive the item. People who leave this field blank are usually not selected, as it tends to be a good predictor that they will not come back to post a review later
    2. We cross-reference our first-round picks against a list of all members who have already received a RoadTest unit in the past few months. While it is certainly possible to receive more than one RoadTest product per year, we want to spread the love a bit more and give all of you a chance to be selected
    3. We rule-out anyone who has not provided complete shipping info


    There is no formula to how winners are chosen, but we definitely pay attention to reasons you enter as to why you want to be selected.


    I hope this helps provide some clarity about our selection process. Of course, please do let me know if you have any questions. We love that you are excited about RoadTest, and want to create a playing-field in which everyone has a good chance to be selected.


    Happy Holidays,


  • I do tend to agree with Firat, all three of these winners are new to the group, not to say Ive been around for along time, but If I was running this group I would have new members test smaller roadtests to show that they care and will put fourth the work to run it through the gauntlet.  Not to say these members wont, but I seem to random to me. Also It would be nice to see what it takes criteria-wise to land a  $3000 to $4000 Roadtest.


    Very Respectfully


  • Congrats to the members selected. I'm looking fordward to read your reviews. I would have liked that at least one of the selected were a long time member so we could be sure that reviews will be written.

  • Congratulations to the 3 winners! element14 is like Santa Claus to engineers and hobbyists during this season. =)

  • Hi,


    I would like to know how these members were selected. What were their applications ? or, Which applications helped them win the kits... Please, make this clear. I want to know the criterions while selecting the winners. Otherwise, there is no point enrolling myself for the roadtests.





  • Hi Everyone.


    We are pleased to announce that the following members have been named as winners of the Fluke 190 Series Oscilloscope:


    • Imre Droppa
    • Joe Roeschen
    • Kamran Kazem


    Your Oscilloscope will be shipped to the address you gave us when you first signed up for the RoadTest. You'll also receive instructions on how to post your product review. We are really looking forward to reading about your experience with the kit, and hope you have fun using it! We thank all of you for your applications and patience. Next road test is up and running so go apply!  We look forward to the reviews of the winners!!!!!




    Thanks everyone,


  • Former Member
    Former Member in reply to berniwa

    element14 is mostly US based, so they still got some time image I am an hour in 15th, Thursday already.

  • Wednesday in what timezone? In mine Wednesday is almost over ;-)