Freescale TRK-USB-MPC5602P: StarterTRAK Mini USB Development System

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Freescale's StarterTRAK Mini USB kit (TRK-USB-MPC5602P) is designed for you to easily and inexpensively give Freescale's 32-bit Qorivva microcontrollers a test drive. Along with the on-board MPC5602P Qorivva MCU, it features a PCI card-edge for compatibility with the Freescale Tower System, which means you can create your own custom development system based on your design needs. For a more full-featured Qorivva MPC560xP development kit, please reference the TRK-MPC5604P StarterTRAK Development Kit.
The Qorivva MPC560xP family of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) includes the latest in integrated devices for sophisticated chassis applications. These scalable Power Architecture® devices are supported by an enablement ecosystem that includes software drivers, operating systems and configuration code to help you quickly implement your designs.
  • MPC5602P Qorivva processor
  • Three user-programmable multi-colored LEDs
  • Two user-programmable push buttons
  • Temperature sensor
  • Primary Tower System connector
  • OSBDM debugger through USB
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  • Hello Jean-Luc,

    I understand you don't really find some project ideas for Freescale Qorivva MPC560xP of 32-bit microcontrollers as it is promoted for the automotive market.

    Despite this, I would like to highlight some features of the MPC560xP family and illustrate it with some automotive and industrial application the product/kit could target (may be you or any other participant will discover some new interest to test this kit).



    MPC560xP offers integration, performance and reliability for industrial motor control, AC drives, and safety-critical applications, supported by a simple and proven ecosystem of development tools, software and design resources


    Exceptional performance with high integration

         • High-performance 64 MHz 32-bit e200z0 Power ArchitectureRegistered CPU with variable length encoding (VLE) enables fast code compression

         • Up to 512KB flash and additional 64KB data flash provides enough memory size for system configuration data and fault events

         • A new cross triggering unit significantly reduces interrupt load due to hardware synchronization of the PWM cycle, timers and the ADCs.

         • two 13 ch 10-bit ADC with <1us conversion time

         • four 3 ch 16-bit FlexPWM with high resolution 120MHz timers and protection features specific to electric motor control.

         • two 6 ch eTimers for complex field-oriented control algorithms improves electric motor efficiency and reliability

    Ideal for safety-critical applications

         • Hardware Error correction coding (ECC) on RAM and Auto quality flash memory

         • Fault collection unit (FCU)

         • Robust communications with Flexray and CAN/Safety port high speed low latency messaging

    Gets you to market faster

         • Freescale provides complementary production source code of Freescale MQX RTOS and together with cost effective Tower board with task aware debugging of Codewarrior to provide a complete software solution.

         • One-click solution – Hardware suite includes a “Getting Started” DVD with one-click access to application notes, software examples and training.


    Exemple of Automotive Applications :

         • Electronic power steering

         • Suspension

         • Braking

         • Electric motor control

         • Brushless DC motor

         • Electric hybrid car engine

         • Airbag
    Exemple of Industrial Applications :

         • PUMPS : Residential swimming pools (Motor, Safety), Factory systems (Safety)

         • HVAC : Room Air-conditioning (dual Motor)

         • Factory automation : I/O control, PLC

         • Appliances : Dishwasher  (dual motor, safety)

         • Medical : Diagnostic &Therapy General purpose system with safety certification requirement

         • Energy : Solar Power Inverter

  • Hi Everyone.


    Thank you all for applying. This RoadTest is now closed. We are pleased to announce the following members that have been selected to receive a Freescale TRK-USB-MPC5602P Starter TRAK Mini USB Development System:


    • James Bradshaw
    • Earl Fredrich
    • William Swaney
    • Abhinar Singh
    • Bogdan C
    • Lucas Mourey
    • John Vainikka
    • Alex Zumas
    • Saurabh Sisodia
    • Louis Rubera
    • Rama A
    • Ken Ken
    • Dan Looper
    • Norman Chahuares
    • Ian Fennell

    Congratulations! Your product will be shipped to the address each of you provided when you applied for this RoadTest. As a reminder, element14 and our supplier partners send these products free-of-charge because we place high value upon your unbiased, detailed product review. Please post your review back here within 3-6 weeks of receiving your item.


    For those who were not selected to win this product, we have a few other road tests up and running.


    Enroll today and Good Luck!!! image

  • Same here, I don't really have project ideas for this kit, so I'm sitting out.

  • Since i don't have a suitable project for this board, i will not attend.


    Good luck for the participants.



  • Hello,

    Today I Received the kit TWR-MCF51MM-KIT [1] + TWR-PROTO of Freescale.

    the pictures of the kit. Beautiful. Now let's begin to play :-)

    The TWR-MCF51MM platform is a medical-oriented development tools for the microcontroller MCF51MM256.


    TWR-MCF51MM-KIT contains:

    - TWR-MCF51MM MCF51MM256 board with a 32-bit

    - MCUDVD with lab tutorials, software, training and collateralQuick

    - Start Guide Number documentPart

    - TWR-SER - Serial Tower System Module

    - TWR-ELEV - Elevator Tower System Modules

    - MED-EKG - Electrocardiograph development kit for Tower



  • You should be able to enrol now.  Please try again and advise of any difficulties.