Texas Instruments DLP® LightCrafter™

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Here is another exciting RoadTest. For the first time ever, we are offering a TI DLP® Evaluation Module the DLPLIGHTCRAFTER.
To qualify for a chance to RoadTest this great new evaluation module from TI DLP® please post as part of your application to this RoadTest your creative ideas and thoughts on what new application & products could potentially be designed using a DLPLIGHTCRAFTER evaluation module.  Please also feel free to visit the Element14 DLP Group.
DLP® LightCrafter™ is a compact evaluation module for integrating projected light into industrial, medical, and scientific applications. This DLP-based platform enables faster development cycles for end equipments requiring small form factor, lower cost and intelligent, high-speed pattern display. DLP LightCrafter features the 0.3 WVGA chipset, provides a variety of embedded functionality such as: structured light pattern projection, intelligent lighting, wavelength selection and portable display.
Developers can easily create, store, and display high-speed pattern sequences through DLP LightCrafter's USB-based application programming interface (API) and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The module also features the powerful TMS320DM365 digital media processor based on DaVinci technology from Texas Instruments. With an ARM9 DSP core, DLP LightCrafter's DM365 runs a Linux operating system to give users the ability to develop a complete embedded system around the 0.3 WVGA chipset. A configurable input/output trigger allows for convenient synchronization with cameras, sensors, or other peripheral devices.
The DLP LightCrafter includes an RGB LED light engine developed and manufactured by Young Optics International. Designed specifically for the DLP3000 DMD, this light engine produces bright, wide aspect ratio patterns well-suited for use in a variety of ambient light environments. For applications where even higher brightness is required, active cooling and thermal management systems can be added to enable light out in excess of 50 lumens.
Learn more about the full range of product and tools from TI DLP® visit www.DLP.com.
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