IMO iSmart

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The IMO iSmart… much more than a Smart Relay!
The IMO iSmart features everything you would expect from a market leading Smart Relay* PLUS:
  • PID Control up to 30 loops;
  • Link function via built-in Modbus communications;
  • 12-bit analogue inputs;
  • Maths functions available;
  • Powerful control logic in both Ladder & Functional Block Diagram;
  • Easy HMI functionality;
  • Multi-language selectionable.
*everything you would expect…….
  • Digital, Analogue and Temperature Inputs
  • Relay, Transistor and Analogue Outputs
  • Available with or without Text HMI screen including programmable function keys
  • Retentive Data Registers
  • High Speed Inputs and PWM Outputs
  • CE, UL, cUL approval
  • Expansion modules for more I/O and more communication
  • Can be used as a Remote IO module
  • Inbuilt Real Time Clock
  • 8A Relay Output
  • Free Configuration Software
  • Available in 230VAC, 24VDC, 12VDC, 24AC power options
Comment List
  • What can you tell me about this Elephant in the Room?    Answer found, see below.


    IMO PRECISION CONTROLS - SMT-PC03 - PC-Link Programming Cable


    Newark Part Number: 74R5351    Price:     $42.14 
    It is a Serial (RS-232) data cable (AH HA insight: 3 wire ? OR 6-pin connector with the following pinout: RTS, RX, TX, 5V, CTS, GND)  to program the device from a XP (maybe Win 7) PC.
    My question is:  Does that cable come with the free Software?  If not, may I safely assume that
    the HMI allows for complete programming?


    With the free software provided, iSmart ‘intelligent’ relays can be

    programmed via a PC, PDA (pocket PC) or the integral keypad, using

    Relay Ladder (LD) or Function Block Diagram (FDB).

  • Is the pinout known for the programming cable?

Comment Children
  • Hi Daniel,

    The one end of the plug - going into the iSmart is proprietary and I do not have this information available. The other side is a standard 9-pin RS232 serial wiring setup. I assume you are looking at going into a USB to Serial converter?

    Regards - Jason Hannah - IMO Precision Controls

  • I was wondering if I cold get away with using a USB converter as I have TTL and RS232 level versions that I use here and could patch in and play with the PC software without having to order and wait for the serial cable.

  • I see, unfortunately I do not have access to the iSmart's Loader-port pin configuration. However if you ordered the cable, during its delivery, and if you have the screen and key version of the iSmart -  you are able to program much of the functions as you would with the software onto the screen - it would take some getting use to, and I would always prefer programming with the software, however at least until your cable arrives, you can explore some of the functionality. Let me know if I can help. Regards - Jason