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The IMO iSmart… much more than a Smart Relay!
The IMO iSmart features everything you would expect from a market leading Smart Relay* PLUS:
  • PID Control up to 30 loops;
  • Link function via built-in Modbus communications;
  • 12-bit analogue inputs;
  • Maths functions available;
  • Powerful control logic in both Ladder & Functional Block Diagram;
  • Easy HMI functionality;
  • Multi-language selectionable.
*everything you would expect…….
  • Digital, Analogue and Temperature Inputs
  • Relay, Transistor and Analogue Outputs
  • Available with or without Text HMI screen including programmable function keys
  • Retentive Data Registers
  • High Speed Inputs and PWM Outputs
  • CE, UL, cUL approval
  • Expansion modules for more I/O and more communication
  • Can be used as a Remote IO module
  • Inbuilt Real Time Clock
  • 8A Relay Output
  • Free Configuration Software
  • Available in 230VAC, 24VDC, 12VDC, 24AC power options
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  • I'm still playing with this.  I'm trying out a specific example where I want 3 counters.  (They don't all have to be actual counters and thought I could acheive it using addition blocks but somehow fail to do so. 

    I want a batch counter with a preset that can be entered via the screen.

    a Job counter which is a total for the job being run, and a grand total counter that shows the result of all the runs. (Ideal if this was non volatile!)


    Any ideas.  I'm using FBD rather than ladder for my example.




  • Hi Dan,

    If possible, may you please email me at:

    If possible, could you please email me a copy of your program for review and discussion?

    Many thanks


    Jason Hannah - IMO Precision Controls

Comment Children
  • Okay, Mr. J, here is a question for you:  How do I wire up the iSmart to be the temperature contoller for my 60 watt solder iron?


    I am thinking a Thermocouple K sensor for Temperature Control

    and a Mini Relay SPDT 5 Pins 24VDC 10A 120V Contact

    with a life expectancy of 750,000 switching operations @ 120Vac 0.5A.


    The iSmart Data Sheet says that Analogue Input Impedance is 45KΩ.  I guestimate the thermocouple will generate 20mV @ 400C.  The current required is tiny: 10V / 45KΩ = 0.222 mA for full on and I am pretty sure that a transistor or op amp will be needed to condition the signal to enable driving the analog input of the iSmart PLC.  I say that because 20mV / 45KΩ = 0.444 microV.   This tells me I will be looking for a Voltage gain factor of 500.


    I don't really understand why the iSmart's Analogue Input Range

    is limited to 0.00 to 9.99V, but that is what the data sheet says. 


    I noticed that Adafruit has a Thermocouple Amplifier MAX31855 breakout board that can be used with the 'Duino.   If I order some 5 volt relays I could use a 'Duino instead of the iSmart.