Freescale TWR-S08DC-PT60 Tower System Daughter Card for the 5-Volt 8-bit MC9S08P Family

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The TWR-S08DC-PT60 daughter card is an ideal way to get started testing the capabilities of Freescale’s 5V 8-bit S08P MCU family.  The S08P family of MCUs is ideal for  designs that require durability and reliability in harsh industrial and user interface environments.  The S08P family also meets the appliance safety standards as set forth in IEC60730.
The TWR-S08DC-PT60 daughter card can be used as a standalone demo board that includes an on-board debugger.  The demo board can also be used in conjunction with  the TWR-S08UNIV motherboard access additional features.
The S08P family is simple, yet powerful, and offers exceptional EFT/ESD performance. This scalable and pin-compatible MCU family reuses existing S08 core, IP and tools for easy migration from existing 8-bit S08 products. The S08P MCUs also integrate key features, like touch sensing interface (TSI), EEPROM, and a motor control flex timer to simplify design and to help reduce system cost.
Included Demos
The TWR-S08DC-PT60 comes pre-programmed with the following demos:
  • A potentiometer demo
  • An accelerometer demo with orientation/shake/tap/transient modes
  • Flash and EEPROM demo
  • And, a BDM debugger demo
Board Features
  • GPIO output through LEDs
  • A Touch Sensing Interface (TSI) with one touch pad
  • ADC from potentiometer input
  • I2C to low-g inertial sensor (accelerometer)
  • Flash/EEPROM operation on silicon
  • Additional functionality when used  in conjunction with the TWR-S08UNIV mother board
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