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PiFace Digital is designed to plug on to the GPIO of your Raspberry Pi, allowing you to sense and control the real world. With PiFace Digital you can detect the state of a switch, for example from a door sensor, a pressure pad or any number of other switch types. Once this state has been detected, you can write your own software for Raspberry Pi that determines how to respond to that switch state. You can drive outputs to power motors, actuators, LEDs or anything you can imagine.
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Raspberry Pi Accessories Webinar
Raspberry Pi Accessories - The Revolution Continues by Drew and Cabe, including PiFace Digital: the Revolution Continues.
  • Plugs directly onto Raspberry Pi GPIO socket
  • 2 changeover relays
  • 4 tactile switches
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 open-collector outputs
  • 8 LED indicators
  • Easy to program in Python, Scratch and C
  • Graphical emulator and simulator
  • Experiments with Scratch
  • Light gates
  • Detectors and alarms
  • Birdbox sensor
  • Simon (game)
  • Game controllers
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Terms & Conditions
  • Testers will be selected on the basis of quality of applications: we expect a full and complete description of why you want to test this particular product.
  • Testers are required to produce a full, comprehensive and well thought out review within 2 months of receipt of the product.
  • Failure to provide this review within the above timescale will result in the enrolee being excluded from future Road Tests.
Comment List
  • Joann


    I note that there appears to be 11 reviews, out of 50 pending.

    Many of them are good, and some are very good.



    This is not a good response.

    There also seems to be a few reviews that are less than users could find if they looked on the box.


    Is E14 going to enforce the requirements of the application.?






    edit 10 June 2013

    As pointed out by Reinoid, the paperwork said 60 days but the website says 3-6 weeks  ...  ooops.


    Mine got misplaced during a cleanup


  • Mark,


    I'm one of the lucky guys who received a PiFace. I also received a letter with it saying that I have 60 days to provide a review. Today is 36 days since I received it so I have 24 days left! Be patient, I will provide a review!

  • Reinoud

    You're quite right, my apologies as I was relying on the website.

    I've edited my post.


    Looking forward to all the great reviews.



  • @Christian DeFeo


    Given that 50 kits were handed out for review, and there are ony 20 reviews, is it time to reconsider the criteria for being a RoadTester.?


    4 of the 20 reviewers are zero (ie new) and one of these reviews had little content at all. http://www.element14.com/community/roadTestReviews/1450


    Perhaps it would be fairer to other E14 members if the criteria for being eligible was raised a little.




Comment Children
  • Mark -


    Thanks for your feedback.


    I've already revised the criteria: I have noted that some RoadTesters beleive the selection process is random.  This is not the process I've instituted since starting on this - I read every entry, and am looking intently at the quality of these applications.  I am also going to be communicating more regularly with those selected to ensure that if any problems occur, that these are spotted early.


    As ever, feedback is very welcome as we continue to transform and grow the RoadTest programme.


    Best Regards, Christian

  • My guess that lot of people just want free stuff, and even if they write reasonable roadtest "justification"  they don't really need it or they change mind

    I try to apply only things i will use, as example i don't like PIC, arduino, and other roadtest related with boars expantion and so on , but i will go for Beaglebone, maybe processors with high power and i/o, measurement equipment, is what i use day by day, i understand, and can write about it


    Also shipping is problem, like i was confirmed for MSO2024B roadtest, more than 30 day pass, and no information, nothing . And that some times can kill enthusiasm or simply you finally get to work on some project, and you just need to write review as quick as possible to fulfill readtest agreement, and go back to your work

  • Linas -


    I am working with shipping at the moment; I'm aware of the RoadTest for which you were approved and I should have an update for you soon.



  • Linas,


    same here, I only apply for a roadtest when I really like the item and think I can test it within the time frame...

  • Since it was my first roadtest, and I was lucky to be selected, I would like to know if my review fits to what you expected to read as a review...


    I agree that the guidelines are a bit vague, although if it is too strict then it might eliminate all the fun of testing...

  • Christian

    Thanks for the quick reply.


    I have noted that the selection is not random and I think this is a good step.

    I still think that the criteria for applying should elimanate those who have not shown they have contributed to the community, which my encourage others to apply.


    I also like the Flora posting regarding who applied and their proposal.


    BTW it took a lot of searching to find this, and is not linked from the challenge page.




    You are correct in that some only want free stuff, while others do the sensible thing and select the items they apply for.

    The arrival timeframe can make a huge difference ... mine took a lot longer than expected and I had to juggle some other stuff which limited the amount of time available.



    Is there a way that the local E14 store can supply and the applicant use a voucher code.

    This means the shipment is tracked, usually delivered in a few days, and traceable.



    For what its worth I thought your review was excellent.

    It shamed some others ....