Tiva C Series TM4C1294 Connected LaunchPad

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imageThe Tiva™ C Series TM4C1294 Connected LaunchPad Evaluation Board is a low-cost evaluation platform for ARM® Cortex-M4-based microcontrollers. The Connected LaunchPad design highlights the TM4C1294NCPDT microcontroller with its on-chip 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY, USB 2.0, hibernation module, motion control pulse-width modulation and a multitude of simultaneous serial connectivity.
  • TM4C1294NCPDT MCU: 120MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 CPU with floating point, 1MB Flash, 256KB SRAM, 6KB EEPROM, Integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC+PHY, data protection hardware, 8x 32-bit timers, dual 12-bit 2MSPS ADCs, motion control PWMs, USB H/D/O, and many additional serial communication interfaces
  • Dual, stackable BoosterPack XL connection sites
  • Cloud-based, Exosite QuickStart Application
  • TivaWare 2.1
  • On-board, in-circuit debug interface (ICDI)
  • Multiple development tool chain support: CCS, Keil, IAR, Mentor & GCC
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Terms & Conditions
  • Testers will be selected on the basis of quality of applications: we expect a full and complete description of why you want to test this particular product.
  • Testers are required to produce a full, comprehensive and well thought out review within 2 months of receipt of the product.
  • Failure to provide this review within the above timescale will result in the enrolee being excluded from future Road Tests.
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  • AaaaHhhhhhh Finally , Got the damn thing working image image , I really dont know Why these things doesn't support university Proxy ?? It seams to me like they are saying "Please dont use me @ university image image image image image image"

    Review comming Soom imageimage

  • Hi Gurinder. Hope your review is fun, however because you're so late with it I think it disqualifies you for future reviews. image I know it sucks but that's part of the agreement. Just wanted to let you know in case you get turned down in the future.


    However I'm still looking forward to your review!

  • Seems he isn't the only one who hasn't provided a review .....



  • I know that Sucks, but I couldn't help it. I got the Kit delivered really late and over that I was out of station when it did. So I really had about 2 months to work on that. moreover I don't have an Ethernet connection at my room, and the kit refused to work with the android WiFi AP bridged to Ethernet, worst happened when it also refused to work with my college proxy settings in place that took a load of time.

    Finally i was able to get it working with a Android AP shared with Ethernet with some settings and it got the CIK . So thats what i will be share my exp. with the review. I am really sorry for the delays and i have also mentioned that earlier.

    Lastly, I did mentioned this to Christian DeFeo, So Let's see image .

    If I am disqualified from further RoadTests it's fine I'll still have you awesome Guys image So really doesn't matter. Hopefully i wont be kicked from the community, cauz that will really suck.

  • The delivery is a shame .. but


    so if you've the product for that period where is the review.?


    I think the lesson here is that applicants should ensure they the necessary resources in order to undertake the reviews.




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  • I think that the other lesson is, if someone has a problem then they need to speak up about it and share, because I'm pretty sure someone (especially on this community) can help.

  • Again I am sorry for the delays Mark, I got the kit but was out of station, So was not able to work on it. I will get the review soon, probability within end of this  weekend.

    Further, I had seen many Videos and had read the example application, and it clearly Mentions that you can use this kit with a PROXY SERVER. Just change the "proxysettings" or use "setproxy" cmd on uart. unfortunately that didn't happen with my kit. I tried as far as i can go , i.e. setting up static proxy in the code and nup doesn't work. I hadn't Imagined that would happen. image so I had to fall back to the unnatural configuration.

  • There are often things that should work that don't. I have spent weeks getting a basic WiFi boosterpack to open a socket with no success, so I know what you are talking about. But posting on support forums as well as over here and seeing if Element14 has a contact in the specific company for you to get the needed help can sometimes go along way to getting things moving again as well as letting the community know that here are issues with the product, this information only adds to the review.


    As for enforcement of the rules I doubt there is a blacklist that is actually enforced (there are a good few uncompleted road tests if you go through the forums). Just do your review and keep all the above suggestions in mind for future road tests.


    Don't be afraid to ask for help, there are a LOT of good people here.

  • Also note most not doing reviews are < level 3, hence why I have suggested in the past that for the big road tests there should be a minimum level needed to get them.