NXP LPC1500 Motion Control Kit

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imageThe drive to enhance motion control in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications has seen a number of recent motor developments. Whether that is sensorless, brushless DC motors (BLDC) or permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) with Field Oriented Control (FOC), these development offer significant energy efficiency improvements, lower acoustic noise and better reliability. However they are more difficult to control and often require more time and effort to tune and calibrate. A situation further exaggerated by the greater variations inherent in low-cost motors.
To help simplify the task and make it easy to tune and calibrate different motors, NXP has developed a dedicated hardware and firmware motor control solution. Using an ARM Cortex-M3 core, the LPC1500 includes an extensive set of motor control peripherals (dual ADCs, QEI, SCTimer / PWMs and comparators) that provide exceptional flexibility in a low-cost, low-power format. This microcontroller is supported by dedicated PMSM / BLDC Field Oriented Control (FOC) software, which includes a fast control algorithm and provides tunable performance for both speed and torque control.
So if you are working with a single motor or multiple motors then simplify your design with NXP's LPC1500. - See more at: http://www.nxp.com/campaigns/motion-control/#sthash.2jK2PR9G.dpuf.
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  • Testers will be selected on the basis of quality of applications: we expect a full and complete description of why you want to test this particular product.
  • Testers are required to produce a full, comprehensive and well thought out review within 2 months of receipt of the product.
  • Failure to provide this review within the above timescale will result in the enrolee being excluded from future Road Tests.
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  • every thing ok, but still i don't receive a board to test- i need simple soft start and torque control with rpm control. Why use that kind of board? i need change characteristics to optimise's start  and performance with energy saving, and possibility to regenerate energy while breaking- that board looks to be enough. i don't know the cost but around 40-99 $ it will be good resolution to put in big or medium scale production- first but  i must check possibility of that kind of board- because Chinese controllers are usually enough- and very chip

  • I just posted my first entry in my blog for the LPC1500 road test but this is the first time for me and I am not sure whether the blog is visible or not to people who have added me as a contact (I assume they are interested in the upcoming review on the LPC1500). Can anyone reply and say whether it is or isn't to them? I have noticed I don't get copies of alerts referring to post made by myself so I assume the same for the blogs I make too. Or is this wrong?


    Anyone who knows for a fact what really happens?


    My previous reviews had no blog entries. Hence the ignorance.

  • Hi,

    How do I get more information around this board, I am developing an industrial project wherein this board will be very much useful, I am happy to pay for this kit and buy one to explore it on my project. Request you to send me information around it.


    Many Thanks,


  • Thank you, Christian,  for selecting me as one of the road testers for the NXP LPC1500 Motion Control Kit. I will endeavor to provide a complete set of documentation for the evaluation of the kit and its application to my purpose. I wish the best for Simon Hobson and Man Long Lay in their task that lies ahead.

  • Thanks to all who applied for this interesting RoadTest; as ever, we had a lot of good applications from which to choose, but in this instance we've picked:
    • Terry Dark
    • Simon Hobson
    • Man Long Lay
    Thanks again to all.
  • Hi Mike,

    It is a low voltage kit.The motor control board can take 12-30 DC and rated for 17A peak current. Kit includes an AC adaptor which has input  AC range of 100-240V and output of  24V,2.5A.

  • how order a road test kit? i want to use that kind of board controller for control low speed electric kids quads- now i search for prototype control board for a control soft start and run on programmed characteristics.

    i have also questions:

    what it's a maximum current of that board (to control external power section)?
    it's attached a software to program device?
    how its possibility to feedback two board to tow motors to control it speeds? (some analog input or something?
    and last question about KIT how much cost  final product (approx..)

    how i can contact with Your company to get minimum one development kit?

  • Oh, now they do...the error msg was something about apache server...

  • What error message are you getting?  The links work for me.