Agilent N9322C Spectrum Analyzer & TI CC11XLDK-868

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Overview: Agilent N9322C Spectrum Analyzer
Agilent N9322C Spectrum AnalyserThe award-winning N9322C basic spectrum analyzer (BSA) defines a new generation of value-priced, general-purpose spectrum analyzers. It helps you quickly uncover key insights during RF design and troubleshooting through best-in-class RF performance. The N9322C won EDN’s “Hot 100” award in 2013.
Overview: TI Value Line Development Kit 868-915MHz (CC11XLDK-868-915)
TI Value Line Development Kit 868-915MHzThe CC11xLDK-868-915 development kit provides a complete hardware performance testing and software development platform for TI's Sub-1 GHz Value Line. The development kit comes with a pre-programmed packet error rate test. RF range and robustness can be tested with different RF settings, and powerconsumption can be measured easily. This kit supports 868MHz and 915MHz. An extra Evaluation Module Kit (CC11XLEMK-433) is needed to evaluate 433MHz.
Key features: Agilent N9322C Spectrum Analyser
  • 9 kHz to 7 GHz
  • 7 GHz internal pre-amplifier
  • 7 GHz tracking generator for two port transmission measurement
  • Built-in VSWR bridge for reflection measurement like VSWR, return loss and distance-to-fault
  • Spectrogram and channel scanner
  • AM/FM, ASK/FSK demodulation analysis
  •   Test automation with Task Planner
  •   Works with Agilent U2000 and U2020 series USB power sensors
Key features: TI Value Line Development Kit 868-915MHz
  • 2 x CC110L Evaluation Modules 868/915 MHz
  • 1 x CC113L Evaluation Module 868/915 MHz
  • 1 x CC115L Evaluation Module 868/915 MHz
  • 2 x SmartRF Transceiver Evaluation Board (TrxEB) for radio performance testing
  • MSP430 debugger tool for software development
  • The evaluation modules use a Helical PCB-antenna
  • Complete RF reference designs and source-code for all software examples are available online
  • MSP430 pre-programmed with packet error rate test for out-of-the box range- and performance testing
  • Supports SmartRF Studio
  • Works with 868 and 915 (433 MHz, see CC11XLEMK-433)
Blogging Challenge
imageSuccessful RoadTesters will be invited to blog on the Test & Measurement area in addition to providing the standard RoadTest review of the products. Blogs should incorporate videos and images whenever possible. The winner will be announced on Monday, September 29, 2014 and a Grand Prize will be awarded shortly thereafter.
What Would We Like to See?
Applications that take advantage of N9322C multi-functions to measure the following:
  • Frequency and power
  • VSWR, cable loss, return loss and cable/antenna connections
  • Filter and amplifier
  • Interference / spur search
  • AM/FM tune and listen
  • AM/FM demodulation and ASK/FSK demodulation
Are there certain application areas we would like folks working on?
  • automotive electronics, medical device, wireless sensor network, smart home, RFID, RF education
What we would like to see in a Person Doing this Road Test?
  • Explore the rich features in the N9322C and maximize its usage to test an integrated RF device
Product Video: Agilent N9322C
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  • Testers are required to produce a full, comprehensive and well thought out review, we also expect a minimum of 3 blog posts about this product in the Test & Measurement area of element14. Both are due by September 26, 2014.
  • Failure to provide the review and blogs within the above timescale will result in the enrollee being excluded from future Road Tests.
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