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About This RoadTest

Bring Us Your Idea, We’ll Bring It to Life






Fill out the application to submit your idea -  tell us how/why your project would benefit from customized parts [choose from custom rocker switches, modified panel meters, modified enclosures, or all 3!] Each submission will be reviewed by industry experts and judged based on creativity, functionality and market need.


Each of the three winners will work with our customization representatives, be and be supplied a quote for the services.image

A voucher for up to $300 in FREE Customization Services [choose from custom rocker switches, modified panel meters, modified enclosures, or all 3!] will be applied to the quote.



Choose from Custom Switches, Panel Meters, and Enclosures – or all 3!





  •     Generator manufacturers
  •     Machine building
  •     Truck manufacturers
  •     Utilities
  •     Aviation
  •     Mining, metals and minerals
  •     Rail
  •     Military


Custom Panel Meter Manufacturers:




Custom Enclosure Manufacturers:


BUDCamden BossFiBoxGeneral DevicesHammond ManufacturingHoffman Schroff


Custom Switches Manufacturers:


RoadTestersThanks to everyone who applied. The winner is: bishplorers
Terms and ConditionsSee attached pdf.
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Top Comments

  • This is an intriguing road test - customization services.

    It would seem to be aimed at projects where you buy some products from these companies and then they help customize them to your specs for free.

    I've had opportunities to use products from at least 8 of these suppliers in industrial applications. Usually the panel meters, switches and enclosures are a relatively small part of the system, but it would have been nice to have had help with the tricky tasks of professionally modifying enclosures to accommodate meters accurately and aesthetically, as offered here.

    I'm not sure I fully understand how the logistics would work for this road test ....

    In this road test, where the suppliers provide customization services, how can contestants determine how much customization is possible with the $300 voucher?

    Would extra customization be invoiced to the contestant, or does the supplier simply only do $300 worth of work and leave the rest to the contestant? It would seem a quote might be needed.

    Would customization be done from customer generated drawings? Or is some design work part of the service? Or do all the parts on the BoM need to be shipped to the customization supplier? What documentation and file formats are needed?

  • Hi ,


    Thanks for the question. The selected members would work with our team as they would as a normal customer. specs, BOMs, ect would be sent to our team, a quote would be developed, and the $300 value would be applied to that quote. We are asking for the recipients to evaluate (via the RoadTest Review) the overall process. Does that answer your question?



  • Thanks for the answer . It sounds like a great incentive to try the process out.

  • It seems like in the real world a customization process would cost way more than $300 ... no?!


    Nonetheless, this is an interesting RoadTest.

  •   one more question, does the $300 include the parts themselves or are those purchased separately and the customisation applied on top?

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