Agilent U1620A 200MHz Handheld Oscilloscope

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The U1620A is the world’s first handheld scope with a VGA display. This 200 MHz handheld scope offers a floating measurement capability with two CAT III 600 V isolated channels. With a 2 Mpts memory depth, it captures more waveforms from signals such as pulse width modulated circuit, in rush, transient, and motor start up sequences. Its benchtop-like display and dual window zoom function allow you to easily identify problem areas and zooming for more detailed analysis. Now, you can view signals in detail and detect glitches easily.
What we would like to see in a person doing the Road Test?
Maximizing the combination of the high sampling rate, deep memory and dual zoom to see more and do more. Feel the difference of using the 3 viewing modes in an indoor, dark or in bright sunlight environments.
Are there certain application areas we would like folks working on?
Any application in the industrial or electronics segment.
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