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Optimize your IoT Devices with a Complete Battery Profiling and Emulation Solution!

What is a Battery Emulator? How is a battery emulator different from a DC power supply and an electronic load?
Battery emulators combine not only a DC power supply and an electronic load into one unit, they also emulate (or simulate) a battery to provide a good reference for testing charge levels. Emulating charge states can decrease test time, enhance safety, and determines performance. The Keysight E36731A battery emulator and profiler does all these things and more. Another way to answer the question is that an emulator is bi-directional, while a DC power supply (voltage regulation) and an Electronic load (current regulation) are uni-directional. This is only a starter. Please scroll down to read the rest of the documentation on this product.

Design for Better Battery Life - The Keysight E36731A battery emulator and profiler is an integrated electronic load and power supply developed to use with Keysight PathWave BenchVue battery emulation software. An emulated battery gives you a known good reference for testing at any charge level. Quickly assess the effect of design or software changes on battery life by emulating any battery charge state. Leverage emulation and precise current drain analysis to achieve longer battery life or to reduce the size of your device.

Validate and Extend Battery Life - Analyzing the current drain and conducting run-down battery tests of your designs pose several difficulties. The manual process of charging and discharging a battery is time-consuming, and it's crucial to test it at different charge levels as battery characteristics vary. Furthermore, battery parameters and charge levels must be identical when comparing test results. Achieving this is very challenging with physical batteries. Additionally, it is difficult to determine how long a device will last on a single charge, and often battery life claims do not match reality. Keysight designed the E36731A battery emulator and profiler and BV9211B advanced battery test and emulation software to solve these challenges. This demo video guides you through the process of using the solution to verify and prolong the battery run time of your device.

Enhance IoT Battery Performance using Emulation Software - For IoT-based infrastructure and consumer electronic IoT devices, designers must understand power consumption patterns and whether devices meet battery life requirements. In this white paper, discover how to overcome these power challenges using the E36731A battery emulator and profiler and PathWave BenchVue battery emulation software. You will learn how to quickly gain critical insights into battery drain to optimize your design to extend and accurately predict battery run time.

Product Variants

  • E36731A---this is the variant for this roadtest
  • E36731ABV


  • Generate accurate battery profiles using the simulated current drain of a device.
  • Instantly emulate any battery charge state and display real-time current drain data.
  • Achieve accurate battery run-down tests by emulating your device’s current drain.
  • Estimate battery aging effects to predict device performance throughout its lifetime.
  • Streamline your workflow with an integrated power supply and an electronic load.
  • Creates a battery model for any battery type.
  • Power up to 200W, 30V, and 20A.


Kit Contents

Battery emulator and profiler, AC power cord (based on destination country), Certificate of calibration, One detachable front output connector, One rear output connector, One rear remote sense connector, One digital IO connector.

RoadTest Goals

Working with the documentation, open the box and test the out of the box experience. Show us what you discovered through text, images, videos, and/or any other media, so the reader understands what is involved in using the product.

Important Dates

Begin enrollment:  August 9, 2023
End enrollment:  Sept , 2023
Select roadtesters: Oct 17 2023
Ship unit:  Oct 24 2023
Begin Roadtesting:  Oct  31 2023
Element14 follow up: Dec 1 2023
Post Reviews by:  Jan 22 2024

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  • Answering my own question. The Roadtest states:

    • E36731A---this is the variant for this roadtest
    • E36731ABV

    The E36731ABV is a bundle of the instrument and the BV9210B software license (PathWave BenchVue Advanced Battery Test and Emulation Software). So, it looks like there is no provide license.