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The ThermoflaggerTm over-temperature detection IC can be used in a simple circuit with positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors to detect abnormal heat generation in a device.

Why would I want to use the ThermoflaggerTm over-temperature detection IC?

As electronic devices become more sophisticated and dense, the heat generated by semiconductor elements and electronic components is increasing. This challenge underscores the importance of monitoring over temperature to ensure systems are not negatively impacted by severe heat issues. Electrical shorts, overloads and other circuit faults can also be sources of abnormal heat generation. It can be used in conjunction with PTC thermistors to detect abnormal heat generation in a simple configuration.

ThermoflaggerTm over-temperature detection IC also detects changes in the resistance of PTC thermistors placed near heat sources, and output a FLAG signal in case of over-temperature. When a ThermoflaggerTm detects abnormal heat generation and sends a FLAG to an MCU, for example, the MCU will shut down the equipment or change the operation of the equipment or semiconductor that is generating heat. Connecting PTC thermistors in series realizes over-temperature detection for multiple locations.

Technically, it is the CMOS process IC that outputs abnormal-state signal on detecting over temperature as the resistor value changing of external PTC Thermistor. Output current to PTC thermistor is 1 μA (Typ.) and whole current consumption is 1.8 μA (Typ.), low consumption operation is realized. Selectable Push-pull type, or Open-drain type for FLAG signal output by product. Also, Selectable Auto retry type if PTC thermistor temperature goes down back to lower than the threshold or Latch the abnormal signal type. IC package is ESV (1.6 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.55 mm). It's used in the following applications: Notebook PC, Mobile equipment, home appliance, and industrial equipment.
etc. for over temperature detection.


  • Simple over temperature detection solution
  • Outline size: 85 mm x 54 mm
  • Simple configuration in combination with PTC thermistors
  • Over-temperature monitoring is possible at several points by connecting PTC thermistors in series.
  • Low current consumption:
  • IDD=1.8μA (typ.) (TCTH011AE, TCTH012AE, TCTH011BE, TCTH012BE)
  • IDD=11.3μA (typ.) (TCTH021AE, TCTH022AE)
  • Small standard package: SOT-553 (ESV)
  • Expanded PTC thermistors selection range with two types of PTCO output current:
  • IPTCO=1.00μA (typ.) (TCTH011AE, TCTH012AE, TCTH011BE, TCTH012BE)
  • IPTCO=10.0μA (typ.) (TCTH021AE, TCTH022AE)
  • High PTCO output current accuracy: ±8%
  • Push-pull and open-drain selectable for FLAG signal output (PTCGOOD)
  • FLAG signal latch function can be selected


Product Variants

  • TCTH011AE
  • TCTH012AE
  • TCTH021AE—this is the variant used for this roadtest.
  • TCTH022AE
  • TCTH011BE
  • TCTH012BE


Toshiba Thermoflagger Reference Board

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