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Turnkey, secure solution for IoT applications needing reliable cloud connectivity and fast time-to-market.


The AIROCTm IFW56810-00 Wi-Fi 4 Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) module is a ready-to-use hardware and firmware solution that contains all the necessary expertise in wireless, networking, cloud, and security. This module is designed to simplify the process of implementing IoT projects and ensure their success. The hardware is built using Infineon's security technology, which includes a pre-provisioned and secure MCU along with the most reliable Wi-Fi technology used in the IoT industry.

This single-band Wi-Fi 4 CCM evaluation kit features a configurable Wi-Fi connectivity module that provides a simple, secure, plug-and-play solution for connecting products to IoT cloud services. This product also integrates Infineon's CIRRENTTm cloud solutions to make connected products easier to use, more reliable, and more secure. Typical applications include industrial automation, smart building, smart medical / healthcare and smart appliance.

The AIROCTm Wi-Fi 4 CCM module does not require any programming or software development using an SDK. It comes pre-programmed with tested and secure Infineon firmware, which is signed and verified. The module can be kept up-to-date with future connectivity and security enhancements using over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. The firmware shortens the time-to-market and eliminates the learning curve associated with IoT projects by providing a configurable, ready-to-use networking and cloud management solution that can be easily integrated into customer systems using a simple command set.

System Overview

The AIROCTm IFW56810-00 module with an integrated antenna has all the necessary components to connect a host processor to the cloud. It has been approved for use in the US, Canada, and the EU only.

Note: Infineon is expanding the certifications world-wide. The initial product launch was with the geographies mentioned above. However, the CCM kit can be tested in any country as it is a development system and does not itself need to be certified as a production device.

An external flash must be connected via QSPI, but no additional RF or clocking circuitry is needed. Connecting to a host is simple and can be accomplished using an industry-standard UART, requiring only five host interface signals (UART TXD, UART RXD, EVENT (MSG), WAKE (INT), and RST), as well as power and ground. Infineon's IEEE 802.11n single band 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi technology, widely used in the IoT, is used to achieve Wi-Fi performance, and Bluetooth® LE is also supported for onboarding to Wi-Fi networks.

Functional Block Diagram


  • Cloud Management - Powered by AWS IoT ExpressLink - AWS over-the-air update support - AWS host over-the-air update (HOTA) support
  • Networking - Full network stack offload from host: TCP/IP, TLS, DNS, HTTP, and MQTT - Fully documented - Command set for simple configuration from host processor
  • Wireless - Built on industry-leading Infineon Wi-Fi for long range, robust connectivity - Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) - Up to 65 Mbps PHY Data Rate - Integrated antenna - Soft AP or Bluetooth® LE onboarding to Wi-Fi access point
  • Security - WPA3, WPA/WPA2 (personal) - TLS 1.2 - Arm® platform security architecture level 2 certified
  • Secure Enclave and Secure Boot - Only operates with Infineon signed firmware - Unique device ID, Certificate for safe, convenient provisioning - Ongoing security updates
  • Module - Certified for US, Canada, EU only - 36.0 mm (L) x 18 mm (W) x 2.8 mm (H) - LGA module, 145p
  • General Features - Turnkey solution requiring no development on module - UART host interface - -30°C to +85°C operating temperature

Linux PC and Mac Users

  • Linux PCs or Macs can also be used. The PC is providing a terminal emulator for communicating with the Cloud Connectivity Manager.


  • Speeds time to market
  • Reduces development costs
  • Avoid setup and connectivity issues that drive negative reviews
  • Reduce support calls for Wi-Fi and networking setup
  • Secure pre-provisioned solution
  • Reduces manufacturing complexity
  • Reduce lifetime maintenance after product release
  • Long range and robust connectivity
  • Best-in-class access point interoperability



  • AIROC Single-Band Wi-Fi 4 CCM Evaluation Kit IFW56810
  • USB Type-A to Type-C Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Target Roadtesters

The sponsor is targeting roadtesters who have little experience creating connected products and that spans Wi-Fi, networking, security, and cloud services.

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Begin enrollment:  Oct 20, 2023
End enrollment:  Dec 1, 2023
Select roadtesters:  Dec 1, 2023
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Infineon’s AIROC wireless products, including Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combos, have shipped more than a billion devices and are the go-to choice for IoT solutions. The broad portfolio includes high-performing, reliable, ultra-low-power products that deliver robust industry-leading performance. AIROC products leverage a common software framework across Android, Linux, RTOS platforms and are pre-integrated with Infineon’s ModusToolboxTm software and tools, allowing developers to deliver high-quality, differentiated products to market on time and on budget. More information on AIROC Cloud Connectivity Manager and the AWS IoT ExpressLink is available at www.infineon.com/AIROCIFW56810.

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